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The Million Second Quiz NBC Reality Show

The million second quiz NBC Castings The peacock network has given a green light to their new live competition series The Million Second Quiz. Taking the series beyond prime time, NBC calls it “the first fully convergent television experience.” Viewers will be able to tune in to a 24/7 live stream, play along at home in real time and use the second screen to sync alongside the prime-time broadcast. The Million Second Quiz  will be broadcast live from a gigantic hourglass-shaped structure in Manhattan.  And unlike other competition shows, players have to play Million Second Quiz 24 hours a day in order to avoid getting eliminated. So if you have a million seconds to spare for NBC than the casting directors want to heard from you. The casting directors are now taking male and female contestant applications. Do not miss out your chance to be on a hit television game/reality TV show apply now. The Million Second Quiz will air in prime time live from a Manhattan-based “gigantic hourglass shaped structure, and it will be a live competition. The game is a 12-day, 24/7 live competition during which “contestants test the limits of their knowledge, endurance and will to win as they battle each other in intense bouts of trivia.” Local station affiliates will apparently be able to interact live throughout the day. Meanwhile, viewers at home are said to be able to play the game and maybe even get a spot on the show.

For 24-hours a day, contestants from all across the country will be able to participate in the game and win the chance to appear on the show in primetime. Four players who have remained in the game longest will live in the hourglass and will have the opportunity to play along with the game for up to two weeks as other contestants try to eliminate them during the primetime show. When the one million seconds draws to a close, the finalists will battle it out in the hourglass, and the ultimate winner could claim a cash prize of $10 million.

The Million Second Quiz will air this fall and the casting directors at NBC are now holding auditions for contestants. They are looking for male and female contestants over the age of 18 who are interested in traveling to NYC for the taping of the show. If you think you have what it takes to live in a glass house in Manhattan and have a million seconds to spare than they want to hear from you. If you are interested in auditioning for The Million Second Quiz please submit your information along with a recent photo and contact information. Please keep checking back for more information on casting dates and times and as always leave us a comment and let us know what you think about the new NBC reality game show idea.

54 Comments on The Million Second Quiz NBC Reality Show

  1. I am a 20 year old college student who would love to win 10 million. If I was chosen I’d try my best to win!!! Plus, this sounds fun whether I win or not :)

  2. Naija Martelly // January 27, 2015 at 7:53 pm // Reply

    I love game shows and would love the chance to be a contestant. Hopefu That I will be selected.

  3. Looking forward to making a life changing event become a reality. Let’s hope for the best. Good luck to all who participates.

  4. Garrett Shourds // August 5, 2014 at 1:23 pm // Reply

    I would love to get out there and show off my big beautiful brain! :) Thank you!


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    loyalty, and they are then willing to share information about their unique achievement within their own networks.
    Thus giving you instantaneous access to live Telly in the palm of the give.
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  7. I think is going to be fun, I hope they have regular people on like myself. I wlould love to be on the show. I always try to be on shows but I’m never picked. I hope this time it’s different. Look forward to hearing from you.

  8. Tammy Augello // September 5, 2013 at 6:05 am // Reply

    Just received an email from a Dana Salvatore who stated that they were reviewing the online applications and asked me to come for a “walk on” try to get on the show at 6:00 am Sunday September 8th 2013. I have since received several follow-up emails stating that this is a scam. Can you please research this and get to the bottom of this. Many people like myself have received this email getting people’s hopes up only to be left down by someone posing as a casting director for your show. Thank you in advance for your help!!
    Tammy Augello

  9. Ive been told many times I should be on game/trivia shows. Would love the opportunity to prove them right!

  10. Hi I am Roger wife my husband is the smartest man I know and I know he would be awesome on this show I always say he is full of useless knowledge and it would pretty cool to put it to the test it would be a once in a life time opportunity I hope he would considered for this show I would be the happiest wife in the world

  11. kathy trass // August 22, 2013 at 1:48 pm // Reply

    I would like to be on this show. I’ve played trivia games my whole life and would like the chance to use the wealth of knowledge in my head! I think this game just sounds so fun. Hope I’m lucky and smart enough to make the cut! See ya soon!!! :)

  12. I’m 80 years old, but not your typical old codger. I played senior softball until I was 75. I can’t play anymore, but I stay involved by managing a team. At 19 I joined the Marines, served three years and attained the rank of sergeant. I piloted ships on the Delaware River, (Port of Philadelphia) for 40 years. A trivia nut, I’ve been playing Jeopardy for about 50 years. I believe I would do well in your contest, and would love to show that older people are pretty sharp and can compete with younger folks.

  13. I want to be on this show because I want to get away from my wife. No seriously though. I have never lost at anything ever so I want to show this show that I am me, and me is good. Good

  14. Kelly young // August 15, 2013 at 5:33 am // Reply

    I’m a mother of 3 a grandma of 1 and a full time Paul Mitchell hair stylist ! Would love this opportunity to do this show … Always wanted and dreamed to be a game show contestant !!! Oooooh pick me pleeeease !!!! ox

  15. I am a Husband and a Father of three. I’m also a Grandfather of three. It would be really fantastic to win this amount of money:-) Take my Wife on an exotic vacation:-) My facebook profile picture is the Man of Steel:-)

  16. This sounds like a blast! A chance to use all of the ‘useless’ facts floating in my brain and a short vacation from the family (that I love very much, don’t get me wrong!) sitting in an hourglass in Manhattan!!!

  17. This caught my attention the First Moment I heard about it!! Anything Ryan Seacrest touches is Gold! Since I love playing along w/game shows from home like Cash Cab, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fourtune & Millionaire I just had to sign up when I saw the commercial for audition submissions. I have on camera experience and would Love to be a part of this great experience. Thanks for your consideration.

    Cecelia Oberg

  18. I am 58 and have learned a lot of what I thought was information that I would not be able to use in my life but this sounds like the place I can put it to use. I would seriously be disappointed to waste it. Let me check one more thing off my bucket list-national game show. I love trivia so lets roll with this.

  19. Just started a Home Care Agency and would love to have the opportunity to win some money and donate the money to clients that are in need of medical equipment and every day needs that they are unable to afford. The lady that gave me the opportunity to take her on vacation. My family a 2 week vacation with me so we can spend a little time togeather.

  20. A chance to be on this show would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Trivia is a big hobby of mine, and the endurance side of this will really push your mind to the limit. Being a high school and college wrestler I know what it’s like to push my mind and body to the limit. I was born for this show.

  21. I dont have a job ATM ; have a little common knowledge , and need some cash :)
    o- I’m a 44 year old man also , so why not pick me ??

  22. #Ye ahh!! I’m thinking,,chance of a lifetime and an adrenaline rush!

  23. oo-oo-oo-oo-oo (hand raised and waving in the air) Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!!!!! oo-oo-oo-oo-oo

  24. Lucas Feiden // August 7, 2013 at 12:11 pm // Reply

    Im only 13 but it’d be fun to try this. keep this game running for another 5 years and i’ll join

  25. I’m a single dad of twin girls . Currently unemployed. I could you the chance to make a few bucks to provide for not only my kids but to help my family and pay off those loans…

  26. Sharon LaCouture // August 5, 2013 at 12:48 pm // Reply

    I am 54 years old. A wash-ashore, living on Cape Cod since 1978. I successfully raised 3 kids, I’m a Grandma (my one and only grandchild dubbed me Old Gram Gram at age 50).
    I have six siblings, I have traveled all over the US and learned a lot about a lot of different things. I am a wellspring of knowledge.
    I make fused glass and sea glass jewelry. I am a published author.
    I have loved and lost, triumphed and been vanquished, been rich and poor and learned from all of my life experiences.
    I think being on this show would be a trip.

  27. Charles Jackson // August 5, 2013 at 11:00 am // Reply

    I have a lot of useless information in my head. I think I would do very well

  28. Tony H Collins You // August 4, 2013 at 12:07 pm // Reply

    Nor-cal T.H.C

  29. Kathryn Dupree // August 1, 2013 at 11:19 am // Reply

    I enjoy watching quiz game shows it give regular people that work 9-5 jobs a chance to maybe win extra cash and go on a small vacation for some. I was on the family feud show in 2000. The Host was Louie. This is not on my bucket list but on my WISH LIST. With always helping other. I fell that it’s time for me to do something for me. So pick me to be on your next game show.

  30. william j mattingly // July 31, 2013 at 2:51 pm // Reply

    I have been in the U.S. Army for 17 years and I want a chance to prove that there are extremely talented and intelligent Soldiers in our armed forces. My entire family calls me a fountain of useless knowledge. I would really like to show that Soldiers can do anything!

  31. donna heroux // July 31, 2013 at 12:18 pm // Reply

    I was excited about the idea until I calculated how many days 1,000,000 seconds is. Great idea, see if anyone can drop dead on your show. What kind of quality cognitve responses do you expect after a couple of days? Oh well, I’m sure the first few days will get a great deal of exposure.

  32. anthony e massey // July 31, 2013 at 11:46 am // Reply

    This is what all my restless night clicking away on fun facts has all been for… Ha I’m all in!

  33. I would be great. I’m a regular guy from North Dakota living in Tennessee. But I am smart and could use the money due to the lousy economy here. Please give me a chance. Thank you.

  34. I am a casino supervisor who at 60 would love to prove he can not only compete, but win this GREAT idea for a show. Who saids it’s only about the 20 something’s anymore?

  35. David "Syko" Cagle // July 30, 2013 at 4:53 am // Reply

    I have won many trivia contests in my city before, I’m a bigger than life personality. DJ/CAD Designer/Concert Security/Professional speed eater, 6’3″, 250lbs, Bald, I’m goofy looking and look like I should be in a ring fighting someone/prison guard, but I’m secretly smart and just absorb useless information for years that one day might be important (hint hint) I have no problems being in front of a crowd or cameras, I like NY, I can make the time to be there, no problem, I also wear a size 17 shoe if that helps, lol

  36. Love it!!!! In the heart of manhattan?!!! I’m in an Empire State of mind!

  37. I would love to be on this show! I am such a trivia junkie! I am 31, married, have a 3 year old son, and I own my own photo booth rental company so I am paid to be the life of the party and would have such a great time on this show! I know I could win the $10,000,000!

  38. I’m a natural Redhead, a trivia buff, an author who writes about Redheads, a teacher for K12 and Masters Computer MS degree programs, and a former semi successful contestant on the syndicated game show “Who Wants To Be Millionaire”.
    The show that chooses me will gain the respect of Redheads worldwide and be awarded the prestigious title of “Honorary Redhead” . Sounds like a Win/Win situation if you ask me!

  39. I’m an underdog with perseverance. That’s what you need for this new reality project. You need someone with drive, determination and a personality. I can relate to the masses. My following would be diverse, widespread and unique. These characteristics will take this concept to the next level. I’m your girl.

  40. Craig McNamara // July 18, 2013 at 1:00 pm // Reply

    I was born to play this game all I need is the chance to show my stuff.

  41. This is an unique opportunity and for a life long game show fanatic a dream to be a participant. I am a jack of all trades ( master on none ) and have the drive and persistance to go far in a competition of this magnitude

  42. Bryan Alesi // July 17, 2013 at 3:34 am // Reply

    I’m a high school counselor at an alternative Ed high school, married, no kids, dog owner, love playing games, especially trivia, lost my house a few yrs ago and could really use the opportunity to use my knowledge to earn some money, my wife is my greatest motivator and encouraged me to audition. I’d be proud to provide for her and my family and look forward to prove how higher education can truly pay off!

  43. David Chiola // July 17, 2013 at 1:48 am // Reply

    I’d like to be considered for the show. I am a high school English teacher and wrestling coach. You have a mistake in your show summary.
    “If you think you have what it takes to live in a glass house in Manhattan and have a million seconds to spare than they want to hear from you.” It should be “then” not “than”. “Than” is used to compare. That should be worth a tryout!

  44. Melissa Hernandez // July 14, 2013 at 1:52 pm // Reply

    It’s like you read my mind!!!!

  45. I am a trivia buff watch jeopardy all the time get at least 70 percent right or knew the answer but didnt get it out in time.

  46. I am a trivia junky. Jeopardy, Trivial Pursuit, Millionaire, I love them all. To be able to compete would certainly check a box on my bucket list.

  47. Luck be on my side in being selected. Let me remove this from bucket list. If I win something, just peachy !

  48. JOSEPH KANE // June 28, 2013 at 10:18 am // Reply

    This sounds like a really interesting twist to the trivia game genre. I figured Jeopardy would be the only real trivia question show left. Your question making crew must already be working overtime!

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