If you would like to be part of the Models Needed for Macys.com Advertisement Casting Call in 2015 please leave a comment below and let us know why you should be considered.

Models Needed for Macys.com Advertisement


Models needed for Macys.com Ad

One of the nations largest department stores is looking for child and adult models for their advertisement on Macys.com. Their competitors like Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bon-Ton, and Saks Fifth Avenue has headlined some of the most eye grabbing and content driven marketing materials for their stores. Macys is not only responsible for providing some of the best fashion clothes, accessories, and cosmetics for their customers, they are also in charge of the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, as well as the city’s annual Fourth of July fireworks. Macy’s corporate marketing HQ is located in New York and whose initiative is to implement a strong marketing campaign. Some of the brands that are sold at your local Macy’s store are Alfani, American Rag, Charter Club, Giani Bernini, I.N.C. International Concepts, Style & Co., and Via Europa, including other brands as well. The store has a brilliant way of producing marketing campaigns that not only represent the fashion sold at the department store but more so the season or holidays centered around the sales and clearances and offers for their everyday Macy’s shoppers. Over the past 5 years Macys.com has advanced in it’s product updates, reviews, and sale offers for their on-line shoppers. The consumer usually will go visit a department store website before going into the store and purchasing a product in person. Sometimes with the free shipping offers or credit card offers, Macys.com receives tons of traffic per day from ther possible shoppers and regular consumers.

There is an advertisement that will be placed on the Macys.com website along with some photos may still be used in the mailed out catalogue for their customers. The photoshoot is scheduled for next month as auditions are over the next few weeks. Casting directors are looking for child models aged 4 and up to 13 years old, and adult models over the age of 18 for various poses and clothing shoots for Macys.com. If you fit the breakdown please submit in an application and a photo in order to be considered for the shoot auditions before anything. The advertisement is set to run a full year and is a great experience for any upcoming models. Best of luck to all of the models who do apply. Make sure to send in a photo.



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328 Responses to Models Needed for Macys.com Advertisement

  • Mindy says:

    My 12 year old daughter just did her first modeling job and loved it. She has always been told with her long legs and looks that she should be a model. We never actively seeked out modeling until recently and she got the job immediately, so of course, she would love to continue this path. Being a competitive cheerleader, she is used to entertaining and working the audience. This is something that she is proving to be a natural at and would love the opportunity to model for you. Thank you and we hope to hear from you.

  • Shelby says:

    I have some experience with commercial modeling, I take modeling seriously as I have been passionate about it since I was younger and I would love an opportunity for this amazing exposure.

    Thank you!

  • Trinity Fakoya says:

    Trinity is 6 years old and a fashionista. She loves the camera and is always camera ready. Choosing Trinity for such a great opportunity will definitely bring a smile to all parties involved and most importantly to the world.

  • Jessica says:

    Hello, my name is Jessica. I am very interested in modeling for your company. I am 19 years old, I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am a dancer and very friendly to work with. If you are interested, i hope you could email me. Thank you!


  • Jessica says:

    Hello, my name is Jessica. I am very interested in modeling for your company. I am 19 years old, I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am a dancer and very friendly to work with. If you are interested, i hope you could email me. Thank you!

  • Summer Hull says:

    I would love for my daughter to be chosen for Macy’s modeling because I feel she has a great personality and the camera loves her. She is 5 and she loves to model and dress up. She does pageants and loves being in front of everyone. She loves shopping too! I really feel she is a unique and beautiful girl and would do great plus she asked me if she can model clothes in the magazine.

  • Damion Alderete says:

    my son is 13 and is beginning his journey into modeling. He is very fashion forward and has developed an interest of being in front of a camera. He has done a couple of shoots and loves every minUte of it. I think being picked for this opportunity would be a great confidence booster in achieving his dream. it would be a great appreciation if you could help jump start his journey down this road. Thanks for the consideratioN!

  • Grisely says:

    I would love to be a Macy’s model ! I have been shopping at Macy’s for 18 years now. I am 5’2 Hispanic 20 years old medium size dark brown eyes and I went to modeling school for 2 years.

  • Lisa Davis says:

    Hi! Both of my children are models and would love to model for Macys in2015! My son is 13 and my daughter is 9 years old. Thank you for your consideration. Please send us the application form and submission instructions!
    Lisa Davis

  • Robi Wilferd says:

    I am an 18 year old male – Senior in high school; Native Floridian; blonde hair, brown eyes, 5’10” tall and weigh 135lbs; very fit due to my love for surfing; like to have fun and enjoy life; would love the opportunity to model for Macy’s as Macy’s is one of my favorite Department Stores and i appreciate their line of men’s clothing; I’m hard working and love new challenges…

  • Storie Hogue says:

    I am 15 , 5’6 and weigh 115 would love to model for Macy’s stores.

  • Charlotte Murry says:

    I love modeling!!!

  • Amber says:

    I am very passionate about modeling I have been modeling for about six months now, I’ve done two photo shoots. I have a great personality and very fun to work with. I believe I have a great look for this advertisement!

  • Venusastorelli@gmail.com email

    Macy’s model

  • I want to be a Macy’s model. I love macys!

  • Nouchee Moua says:

    Hello Macy’s,

    I would love to be a model and represent your. My name is Nouchee Moua.




    Ethnicity: Hmong

    I am looking forward to this opportunity as a fresh start and the beginning of my long lost dream. I hope to hear back soon.

  • Louise Schmit says:

    I am a Caucasian girl, 18 years. I have very light blonde hair, hazel eyes, and am 5’7. I would appreciate a shot at modeling. If you contact me through e-mail I will gladly send you pictures. Thank you.

  • Freda Brown says:

    Hi, my name is Freda. The reason why I would like a shot at this opportunity, is because I’ve always dreamed of being someone’s model, actor, or famous rapper back-up dancer. Anything to do live my dream.Being in front of a camera posing and taking pictures is something I enjoy doing. Modeling, acting, is something I’ve always wanted to do & dancing, dressing up, taking pictures are my hobbies. If I’m given the opportunity to show my talent this would really be a dream come true.

  • Dantyana Peters says:

    I’m 17
    Weight: 195lbs
    Shoe size: 8.5-9
    I’ve done run way once, a lot of our door shoots. I’m a very outgoing happy person. Sweet kind and loves to see smiles on people’s faces.I’m an early grad I want to go to Baylor university for general surgeon

  • Ty'Kia says:

    Hey! I would love to be a model for Macy, I believe I will bring more business to the company with my talent. I also have modeled before for different companies. . . that includes , runways , commercials and even print modeling . thank you for your consideration upon reading I really appreciate it.

    Age : 16
    Ethnicity : black
    height : 5’6
    Weight : 140

  • latrice boykins says:

    Hello my name is latrice and I’m from upstate ny and would love for my oldest. Daughter to model for Macy’s I’ve worked for Macy’s in the past at a visual merchandisers and always looked at the catlogs and posters with that thought of hhmmm I can see my daughter on the cover page of a catolg or a poster this would be the start of a great opportunity ☺☺☺!!!

  • Jessica S. says:

    I look like the girl next door and am very relateable. I’ve also been told I can appear exotic which has prompted some to ask what my ethnicity might be. I’m versatile and fun, yet professional. I do have tattoos which could be covered with dermablend prior to any modeling shoot if required.
    Brown, almond shaped eyes
    Athletic, lean frame

  • hi my name is melissa and i have a 3/12 year old son names Anyelle.. he is a tanned hispanic/latin american. Has been currently signed to onesource talent agency ..He has his comp cards availbale on the site.. http://www.onesourcetalent.com talent id# 105931 ..he is a great listeneer and vert photogenic

  • Mavel says:

    I am interested in sending my daughter’s and my son’s composite cards. My daughter is 9 years old and my son is 3 years old. Please send me more information. Thank you.

  • Julia Calderon says:

    I want to model your clothes! I love everything fashion! I’ve been told and this is very true that I wear different styles and they all look good on me. I love wearing different things. Playing dress up did not stop when I was a kid for me and I still wear tutu style skirts and having fun!

  • Melanie Eskelund says:

    Hi I’m 5’7 with brownish hair and green eyes with a lovely smile,and i would honored to be apart the Macy’s team. I’m new to the industry and would like to have a shot. Contact me.

  • Claire says:

    I would be a good choice because I’m easy to work with I would work hard and I’ve always wanted to be a model I would sometimes pretend to be a model with my friend.

  • Hi my name is bre I have and identical twin sister named Brittany we are 5’2 and eager to start our modeling career we are very motivated and ready to work. We live in Minnesota and we feel that with hard work and dedication anything is possible and that we will be an asset to your company. Please consider us when making your decision.

  • I would love this opportunity to better myself as a model and more I’m about 6 foot 1 very fit and athletic and can’t let this chance pass by

  • Jomana zbidat says:

    My daughter is 20 months and loves dressing up and looking like a little model! People are always telling me I should sign her up. Never considered until recently someone stopped me in the mall and really imprinted it in my head to apply for her.

  • ali othman says:

    Hey im 18 years old mixed black white and Arab 5’10 i have black curly short hair. I would like to model for you guys, and start my first career with you guys. Thanks

  • Abadha says:

    I Would like to model and I will be great for the company because I like to smile!! :)

  • Irielle Duncan says:

    Hi Macy’s!
    My name is Irielle Duncan and I am 16 years old. I am 5’7 and wear a size small/3 I would love to be a part of you Girl’s Junior section for the 2015 Advertisement. I have a lot of modeling experience such as TJ Maxx, Fashion Uncorked, Barbizon and Aziza Models and Talent. I enjoy and own a lot of Macy’s clothing and would appreciate such an amazing experience. I have submitted a picture of myself as well. Hope to hear back from you!

  • Rachel says:

    my daughter is a fun and out going little girl with a big spirit! she loves to pose! she has a million different poses and would love to do this! this would be a great experience for her to get out and broaden her horizons and to explore her options!

  • Leah Pool says:

    Hi, my name is Leah Pool.
    I am 15 years old, I can look at least 15 and the most 21.
    I am 5’6 and 120-125 pounds. I have been modeling for two agencies for two years now, I have worked with professional photographers, have done print work, and have done catwalk, and can do runway. My mother used to do print work, runway, model and work for Millie Lewis when she was younger and I hope to follow in her footsteps and strive to be the successful model, actress, and singer I can possibly be. I hope you consider me.
    My email is sscaturo@yahoo.com

    Thank you for your time,
    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Leah Pool

  • Henna says:

    I want to be a kid model for Macy’s because I am a 9 year old amazing adopted kid that wants to be the amazing adopted face for Macy’s!

  • Henna says:

    I want to be a kid model for Macy’s because I am a 9 year old amazing kid and want to be an Amazing Macy’s Kid. And it would be really FUN to model where my mom and I like to shop!

  • Isabella Fahy says:

    I am 22 years old and 5’10”. I am very thin, size 2. I have light brown hair and green eyes. I am very interested in print modeling.

  • It has always been a dream of mine to be a model, many people said I would never be a model because I was too fat , not pretty enough, etc. But lately I have had quite a few people tell me I should be a model . I am 5′ 10″ blonde hair blue eyes . 250lbs . Dress sizes 18-20 1X-2X, 40C bra size. Also I am a transgender woman .

  • Sean Burkett says:

    I am an 18 year old half-white, half-middle eastern guy. I’m 5’9″, 175lbs, and have clear, tan skin. I have dark brown to black short hair. I am a college student in St. Louis. I would love to opportunity to model clothes for Macy’s. I have knowledge of fashion and would like to put that knowledge to use as well as make some money to pay off student loans.

  • Kyle Kaempfer says:

    I would love to help you guys in your 2015 help for models. I am 5’11 and 140 pounds. Brown eyes and dark hair. Great with the camera and friendly and great with people. My race is German. My dream is to have a career in modeling and I think this is a great way to get started with it. Hard working and would not let you guys down.

  • Gianna says:

    I am 13 years old. 5’3″ 120 lbs. I have brown hair ,green eyes. I have done lord & taylor’s back to school fashion show twice. I love fashion. I love to dance ,act, sing and play piano. I would love to be an model for Macys. I like to take selfies.I would love to represent your company and be apart of your team. I’m very photogenic and take directions well. Please contact me if your interested with the email I provided.

  • Gabby says:

    I would be more than honored to participate in being a maceys model. I have always dreamed to be in the parade and perform . I have been dancing for 12 years and love it. I have modeled for a few dance catalogs and other agencies. I have received many crowns for miss photogenic. Please, thank you so much for the honor of consideration in being a Macey’S Model

  • Grace L. says:

    My model is 11 almost 12, 5 feet 2 inches tall, weighs 80 pounds, and has one of the most genuine smiles I’ve ever seen. She has participated and placed in a few beauty pageants as well as modeled for a sports gear website. We are looking to expand her career as a model and would love to be considered for an audition.

  • Ednivia Marques says:

    I am no model but a Teacher, a CNA, and a personal assistant that really enjoys looking at fashion and shopping at Macy’s ( and worked for the company in recovery).it would be just great to be on a flyer or catalog!!!

  • Hi!, I have never done modeling before but I am sure that I can do it I am always being told by people that I have what it takes I am 5″10 155lbs really ripped have hazel eyes really slim really attractive facial structure have good taste in style Thank you!

  • James Holding says:

    Hi! First off, i have never done any modeling, but I’ve been told by friends to give it shot. Anyways, I’m 6’2, weigh 180, brown eyes, and black hair. I will email a photo prior to this comment. I would be very appreciative for this opportunity. So, please consider me. Thank you.

  • Mercedes says:

    My name is Mercedes, im 16, I’m Dominican-American, my height is 5’3 my weight is 120, i have big brown eyes and short brown hair, my body is curvy, my hips are wide, i wear sizes 7-8 shoes and a size 4 in pants. I really think i could have potential to have a modeling career, i love fashion and taking pictures and i love thinking im in a runway at home. i hope you respond and try me out to see what i got to offer. i would really love to model for Macy <3

  • Bailey Husty says:

    HEY! I’m Bailey husty :) I’m 13 (March 5, 2002) and I’m a female. I think I would be great to be a model for you because, I have some experience, I’ve done photoshoots before. I Also have my own special features, I do have a gap. But most people don’t and that’s what makes me special, I also have fun puffy hair that you can style into anything or just straighten it, also just, I enjoy modeling! I love to be infront of a mirror and camera at all times. I’m 5″2 just in case you wanted to know. I will assure you I look different from others in a good way. I’m also outgoing and easy to work with and have an amazing attitude and always in a good mood. And I don’t know if this will come in handy but I’m also a dancer ( hip-hop, contempapry, ballet) and I have been acting in plays and other things since I was 5. So if you would consider using me as a model you can contact me easiest by phone, 1 (707) 695-8521 or email me ( baileyhusty49@gmail.com ) and if needed I can send photos of me to you before you consider using me.
    Thank you for this opportunity -Bailey R. Husty

  • I skate, I snowboard , and i am in Great shape for my Age. I run and i swim alot like everyday and i did do wrestling .I did two plays in highschool where i played a main role and helped write the script with other people I love working with people and learning new stuff, and also played a main role in a play right after high school and i just recently just got booked to be in a tv show in chicago this week . I have spoke to several schools before and im looking to get some more acting experience and in modeling also.I rock climb and sometimes do yoga after a workout .I also make music


  • skate, I snowboard , and i am in Great shape for my Age. I run and i swim alot like everyday and i did do wrestling .I did two plays in highschool where i played a main role and helped write the script with other people I love working with people and learning new stuff, and also played a main role in a play right after high school and i just recently just got booked to be in a tv show in chicago this week . I have spoke to several schools before and im looking to get some more acting experience and in modeling also.I rock climb and sometimes do yoga after a workout .I also make music


  • Sandra Lee says:

    To whom and where do we submit our application and photos?

  • duaa says:

    I would like to be a model at Macys, since all of my coworkers there suggested me to apply for it. I’m very interested in fashion and have a good outlook..

  • Valencia says:

    Hello my name is Valencia Wilson and I have three handsome son is my first one is John he is nine and my second one is Jay Sean he is four and my third one is Jace and he is one . They love the camera and ever time we are in Macy’s the oldest son says “I wish I can be one of those kids off the Macy’s commercial we love Macy’s and I will love for my kids to represent you guys

  • Jason Savin says:

    Hey, I’m 5’11”, long dark brown/black wavy hair, short facial hair, olive tanned skin, athletic physique and English. I think I would add a different element to any commercial. If you would like a head shot let me know and I will get one to you. I hope to hear from you

  • Sandra alghazwi says:

    This would be a wonderful opportunity for my daughter to become a Macy’s model. She will soon be 19 years old. She inspires me. She’s beautiful. She’s kind and generous, and has a heart of gold.

  • I have lots of pics of my kids on facebook as well. Hi, I have a 3 yr who is tooo adorable and a 7 yr old who thinks he is Micheal Jackson. I’m always saying my kids need to do some modeling ppl tell me that I am veryyyyyy interested in both my kids or one of them. This has always been a dream of to see my cuteee kids actually liking to take pics and posing. If they didn’t like I wouldn’t do. But I knw they can be Grrreat models for your company! Hope to hear from u soon we will be waitingggggg!

  • McKenzee Campbell says:

    My daughter has an outgoing personality and never meets a stranger.She loves being the center of attention and showing off.

  • Keylee Clement says:

    I would love to be model for Macy’s and model all of the adorable clothes. I like playing softball, gymnastics and playing with my little sisters.

  • Aleyha Crockett says:

    My daughter is 12 years old/5’2/long brown hair/brown eyes/multiracial-(African American and Caucasian)/shirt size- xsmall or small/pants size-0 or 1/shoe size 7/dress size- small. I will be glad to submit her headshots.
    She is a very smart young girl with the passion for modeling and acting. She has great potential and a great personality. You would love to work with her as much as she would love to model for Macy’s.
    Thanks in advance

  • Wilmer says:

    i would like to be a Macys model, I am very humble, I’m 6ft tall my weight is 160 and I’m a very hard worker

  • Ms. Jones says:

    Hello my name is Temeka, I have four beautiful daughters who would love to become models.. Please respond, thank you..

  • Hannah Rose keeling says:

    Hello my name is Hannah I would be a great model for Macy’s because I have experience and I am also a publish model also I did work with agency but now I am a freelance model and I would be very interested in trying something like this out :)

  • Hiep says:

    Hi, im Asian 5’1” weighs 115 pounds. I’m a model for my club . I’m 17, and would love to gain experience by modeling for macys

  • I am 18 years old and have been published have done runway even though I am 5″5. I have done on camera work as I have been cast as an extra . I would love the opportunity to model for Macys because I love Macys. Macys is my one stop shopping store. My favorite clothing brands are American Rag and Material Girl. I also have quite a bit of I.N.C. There has never been a time that I haven’t found what I was looking for and I know that I am getting quality when I buy! I will he happy to send you my measurements and head and body shots. You can also access my facebook page.

  • Allie Watkins says:

    Hi- I am a 12 year old looking to get into modeling. I am 5’6 and 118lbs. Brown hair w/ Green eyes. I am an well rounded young teen looking to explore this opportunity. I am active in sports and creative wen it comes to writing and singing. I have a great group of friends. I have been told I look like Cindy Crawford and that I look older than my age.

    I would love a chance to meet and hopefully be given a modeling opportunity with Macy’s!

  • Sereena oberoi says:

    I would love to model for Macy’s . I’m very passionate about modelling. Growing up always had a dream to be a model . I have anchored for travel shows. Have been a singer throughout my life . Recieved titles like Close up Ms beautiful Smile, Nightingale ! Ms photogenic ! Rose Queen Have been on TV for Music shows and News reading as an anchor . Beautiful and dynamic I know I would be a perfect model for Macy’s

  • Hello! This sounds like an amazing opportunity for experience and exposure within the industry and I am very interested! I am 17, though I appear older and am able to do what is required for the publication. Please contact me if you’re interested in still assigning roles or for audition info. I am olive-skinned with long dark hair and brown eyes with an unending passion for fashion! I am perfect for this role with a vibrant attitude to bring to set! Can’t wait to hear back from you!

  • Jovita says:

    Hi my name is Jovita and I am 12 years old and I would Love to be on Macy’s Modeling and commercials because I love acting, I have been doing Broadway stars with our local community and been doing it for 5 years and I am currently attending Los Angeles Music and Arts school to pursue my passion of acting/modeling. I hope you would give me the opportunity to pursue my dreams.
    Just for your information I am not camera shy. Thank you very much. :)

  • Minoka Nugent says:

    My son and I are from the Caribbean, US Virgin Islands to be exact. His name is Mkell Descartes and he is 12. I can describe my son just like any other parent. However, I strongly believe that many people from different cultural background purchase clothing article from your stores. So I think that should be the face of your company. Someone different, unique and cultural. That is my son. It would learning experience for him. If you are interested please contact us.

  • Hello,
    I think I would be a perfect fit for Macy’s. I have been modeling for a short while but I can tell you I am very good at it. Most people don’t understand how much work actually goes into modeling. Almost every photo that is captured of me I am able to express different emotions. No two photos are the same. I also belive I am very relatable because I am not extremely skinny and I wouldn’t make the customer envious but rather make them feel like they would be able to wear what ever it is I’d be wearing. Please take a look at my profile and you will see I am capable of bringing something very unique to your lines. Thank you.

  • Toyana McKinney says:

    It’s my passion and so many people tell me i should be a model.

  • Tara smith says:

    Im 14 and im looking for modeling/acting jobs. can someone please help me. Im
    110 lbs.
    hispanic almond skin
    brown eyes
    dark brown hair

  • Najla Karimi says:

    I am 17 years old. I have natural black hair and dark eyes. I am 5’8 and weigh 128 lbs. I have not modeled yet, but have been told to do so by many people. I can be reached at the email I have provided. Thank you.

  • amir keller says:

    Amir is 14 yrs old with a slim build standing at 5 feet 8 inches tall…he has big bright eyes and is very handsome. I am very confident that he has the look you would want. Please contact me for any required photos.

  • Adena says:

    I am a frequent Macy’s shopper and would love to represent them!
    I have done a couple of runways and played an Extra in John Travolta’s current movie I am wrath.

  • Akivia s. says:

    I am looking to get my daughter into modeling and possibly myself. I am 31, 5’4, size 22, and my daughter is 19 months. We love to be a part of Macy’s, and sears

  • Tracy Kaiser says:

    I have 2 beautiful daughters ages 9 and 13. Please give them a chance by allowing me to email you a photo of each.

  • Alexa says:

    I 19 years old I am 5’3 Hispanic 130lbs I have long blonde brown hair I can send you my measurements also. I currently do volunteer photo shoots with photographers trying to get there work out there. I have done 1 local music video & I have an audition for a London band called Savoir music video. I am looking to further my modeling career. Please contact me if interested because I very much am. (:

  • Brittany says:

    I love to dance. I do ballet,tap,jazz and modern dance. I love to perform infront of people and I enjoy every minute of it. I also love clothes and I can see myself modeling the clothes especially for MACYS. Im 15 years old and would like the opportunity to model clothes for MACYS. Im outgoing and very funny. Im always posting selfies of my clothes. Im very thin,height 5’6 and long brown hair. I can be be reached at the email provided. Thank you.

  • Michelle says:

    My son, Nolan, is 12 months old and has the personality to model. He is an outgoing, crazy, adventurous curly haired little boy. I submitted his picture, he would be fantastic and modeling baby clothing or doing any acting. He will light the room up.

  • stella says:

    I would be honored to be given the opportunity to model for such a prestigious store such as Macy’s!
    I have modeling and acting experience as we’ll as commercial experience! I love the camera, I’m bilingual, athletic, and I’m a very hard worker! I believe that I am the girl you’ve been looking for to add to your already amazing selection of models!!
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  • Flor sherlin says:

    Yes I would like to be a model.
    Hair: brown, long and straight
    Gender: Femele
    you can message me on facebook, name:Sherlin Doan baltazar,m In twitter is SherlinBaltazar and I would like to go around the world, my dad is Vietnamese (asian) but I don’t speak Vietnamese and my mom is Mexican and I speak Spanish and a little bit of japanese.

    Please contact me I have what it takes to be a model.

  • Laura says:

    I believe I would make an excellent model for Macy’s! I have work as a model, and have modeled for Hollister. I’m a 105 lbs, 5’4, and can make any clothes look good. I have a very friendly and selling smile and i’m a natural at modeling.

  • My name is Gerald Ramos. I’m 40 years old and I’m in the best shape if my life.

  • Melissa Earnest says:

    I have twin girls that are 6 years old. They both have great personalities. They do not look alike . One has blonde hair with blue eye and the other really curly brown hair with brown eyes. Yhey are alot of fun together and apart. Hope to hear from you.

  • Jessica viggoson says:

    I would be honored to take part in this photo shoot!!! I love te clothing! I’m 5’5. Icelandic, Italian, asain and Albanian. My look is unique and I am confident in who I am. If you choose me I believe it would be the best decision of your life because I will give it my all!!

  • Nicole Nix says:

    I would absolutely love this opportunity.
    I am 22 years old, just recently graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. I am currently working in Operations at an airport. I have recently been told by several people in different department stores that I should try to do catalog modeling. So I figured I could give it a shot.
    Blonde hair
    Blue Eyes
    Clear face
    Bust: 32C
    Dress size: 0/2
    Shirt size: xs/s
    Pant/skirt size: 0/2
    Shoe Size: 5.5-6
    Thank you so much for your consideration!
    -Niki Nix

  • Kate Fordney says:

    We believe our baby girl, Regan 5 months old, would be a perfect candidate for Macy’s!
    She has a great head of hair already – strawberry/blondish Great big Blue eyes and just a bubbly personality already. She is still tiny weighing in at 12.5lbs. 23.5 inches long

    My husband and I are complemented every time we take her out with us.
    Every child is precious and we think she would work great for the Macy’s Brand.

    Much thanks!
    Kate & David Fordney

  • Nicole (Tyler Burnham's Mom) says:

    Hi, My name is Nicole Burnham. I submitted my son’s information and picture above. I would love for him to model for your store. Ever since he was little, every always said he looks like the Gerber baby and should be in commercials. I would love for the chance for him to try. I always wanted to but didn’t know how to get started without getting scammed. Tyler is a very handsome boy with Sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. We would love the opportunity or maybe pointed in the right direction. Thanks for your time.

  • Paola says:

    I think i should be considered for this amazing opportunity because i have aways dreamed of becoming a model and representing a well established and well- known store such as Macy’s. I am 21 years old and since i was a little girl i have been participating in beauty pageants and runways. It would be a honor being part of the Macy’s modeling team!!

    Location: Bronx, NY
    Height 5’4
    Weight 135
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye Color :Brown

  • lakia f says:

    Looking for modeling for my daughter she is 4 1/2 month’s

  • aimee davis says:

    All have beautiful BIG blue eyes and blond hair. I’m a stay at home mom and would love to get all 3 kids a try for modeling and if they like it they can continue. It’s a good college investment. 4yr old Duke. 3yr old Noah. And a 9 month old Emilee Suzanne. My daughter already had hair past her shoulders. People always tell me i should have more kids cos they are gorgeous! They love action in their life and know how to follow directions very well with out a bribe. Hehehehe

  • heather crawley says:

    My 9 yr old daughter Kamara would be great model for your company she is naturally beautiful, energetic, & happy child. She loves to laugh and smile she really is the light in every room. She is 4ft 6 brown spiral curly hair, brown eyes and a perfect smile. She is also a selfie pro. Hope to hear from you soon

  • Cameron says:

    I would love to give this a try to be a Macy’s model. I have been an extra in three films, I have a great personality to go along with my looks. I am 13yrs old stand 5ft 4inches tall. I weigh 110lbs. I have thick reddish blonde hair and light freckles on my nose and cheeks.

    Hope to hear back soon

  • Jessica Dibs says:

    My daughters sparkle in every moment of the day. They’re happy and beauty. They are also very intelligent and have exactly what you’d want in a model. They listen, they pose, and they’re extremely photogenic. Thank you for your time please email me for photos.

  • baylee says:

    Are you considering a 5 month old baby to advertise your wonderful baby collection? If so I have a beautiful baby :) she loves cameras & has a beautiful smile!

  • Hello, My name is Fernanda Mendieta. I want to first start off by saying that modeling has been a passion of mine since 10 years old. I’m currently 21. I’ve been in magazines, flyers, club promotions, and modeling competitions. I can say that on a scale from 1-10, my experience is at a 10. I would love to be an Macy’s model for many reasons. 1.) I love macy’s, so much. I have the credit card and all of my clothes is from Macy’s. 2.) I can model their clothes well, I’m pretty good in modeling and expressing different type of styles and last but least 3.) Their Company color describes my personality and your personlaity is one of the most important character in modeling. The color red means energizing. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action. And I’m always motivated to do what I love, Modeling.

  • Robert Novo says:

    I’ve been told I should start modeling by various people. Some have even confused me to be an actual model. I’m 22yrs old, 6 ft. Athletic, toned and lean. Great posture. Dark black hair. Can have full beard as well. Soon to be graduate after this semester at FIU with 2 bachelors, a minor and 2 certificates. I’m very social and I try to get along with as many people as I can. Very photogenic as well. If I were to get a chance with this, you would have my 110% dedication.

  • Yas Lee says:

    Hi , my daughter marcianna is four years old .She love taken pictures and have a great personality. I believe she have the smile,the look and energy your looking.

  • Kendall Porter says:

    I feel I would be a great model. I have modeled before and would love to do it again. I am 12 years old and very enthusiastic. I feel I would be a great fit. Thank you for your time!

  • Pascale Malaika Fourn says:


    Height: 5’8” Weight: 138 Hair: Black Eyes: Dark Brown,
    Shoe: 8 ½ Waist: 26 Hip: 34 Bust: 32

    Pascale is West African native from Togo, Lomé who never ceases to achieve her dream of pursuing a modeling career. Although English is not her native tongue, she is tri-lingual in English, French, and Éwé (a West African Language). Her international background and skills ignited an interest in a career direction of greater diversity.
    A student of John Casablanca modeling a career center, Pascale has recently appeared or modeled for Meredith Senior Fashion show, Raleigh, NC, Washington University-St. Louis, 84th Fashion Design Show and PRONTO Fashion Show, St. Louis, MO.
    She a graduate of the University of Missouri-Saint Louis with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with emphasis in Organizational Behavior Management .
    Along with her desire to help others; Pascale naturally possesses the ability to relate to people. Moreover, I believe that her strong sense poise, style, ambitious and physical attribute makes her an ideal model for your commercial.

  • Kiari Brannigan says:

    I would love to be an model for macys. I like to take selfies and pictures and this would be a great way to start a career slow

  • Codi-Ann Reid says:

    I am a very smart, talented and passionate young lady who is hard-working and is very loving and caring. I am light in skin color, 5ft5″, natural haired and very athletic. I am very big in PSAL for track and field and I have been in several school plays and talent shows in New York and also in Jamaica. I swim, act, dance, sing and I have the model figure for being such a young age. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me at the provided email address.

  • Aireal Hill says:

    Being in front of a camera has always been a passion that I wanted to illuminate. To be apart of your team will not only be an accomplishment but an honor to say I represent Macy’s. I can achieve any type of challenge you put in front of me. I’ve always been told you should be a model, you look like a baby doll, your so beautiful inside and out. Why not have someone on your team that has a fresh face, great personality, hard worker. and is a go getter?

  • Alexis Rhine says:

    I was recently approached by a former macy’s model and she suggested I apply. I would love this opportunity and think it would be fun. I’m very short and petite but would love to pursue this.

  • Julz Grisso says:

    My daughter Julz is just a real kid that can light up a room. She would love to be a Macy’s model because when we buy clothes there, that lights up her day.

  • Navin Singh says:

    My son is what your looking for ! he is 5years old with great personality and also very photo photogenic. Please let me know where i can send pics. I also have a beautiful 9 month old if your looking for babies. Thank You

  • Widline Telami says:

    Good afternoon,
    I have a great passion for modeling but I have been putting it off for a long time. I have received couple of requests from different clothing company but I never seized the opportunity. As a firework baby, I would like to start exploring my modeling talent with Macy’s because it sponsors the annual city’s fourth of July fireworks. As an African American, I really like Macy’s diversity clothing.

    About me:
    I am 29 and weight 150 pounds
    I am 5’8″ and my skin complexion is brown
    Please email me at wtelami@gmail.com so that I can send you some pictures

  • Amy Woodall says:

    All you need to do is see my daughters and know that they are what you are looking for!! They are beautiful and we always hear that they should be models! I can send pictures of them just let me know where to send them! We are ready! They are 4yrs old and 9yrs old!

  • Jaylan says:

    My son is very in to fashion I think it would be nice for him to modeling he is so cute

  • kierra alexandra says:

    My name is Kierra. I have always enjoyed taking pictures and watching fashion shows. I do have a history of modeling. At age 17, when I first tried modeling with a group, I realized how much I loved it. Not only do I have the ambition to succeed in this, I also have a teachable spirit. I am willing to learn as much as possible to please you. Furthermore I am 19 years old, 5’5.25, African American, and light skin.

  • Tiffany Jackson says:

    I always wanted to be a macy model since I was little. I model before but stopped for cheerleading and tumbling. I would love to start it back up again. I am very fun, outgoing, and very friendly. I think I am the best fit for this.

  • Antonio Williams says:

    I have the look, the smile, the taste, but most importantly the drive to become a Macy’s model. You can find me either by email or by Instagram: mr_malebarbie. Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Monique Norfolk says:

    Age: 17 (18 in July)
    Hair color: Natural Strawberry Blonde
    Eye color: Blue
    Height: 5`7
    Weight – 135 lbs.
    Skin color: White
    Experience in Modeling:
    – I am currently in Barbizon Modeling School, I have attended most of the classes.
    –Modeled for a local Photographer for ad’s on her website.
    I am currently duel enrolled in High School and the local Community College. I am very dedicated in everything I do. I have a 4.0 GPA this semester (including my two college courses). I love pushing myself to try new things. I am very outgoing and easy to work with.
    My mom is very supportive and willing to travel if necessary.
    Email me for my pictures and resume if interested.
    Thank you for your time!

  • Lucy says:

    I’m 28 yrs old, I love doing hair, make up, fashion and pictures, I will love to have a opportunity of working with a very recognize business. I hope I can be chosse!! Thank you.

  • luz Galaviz (lucy) says:

    I’m 28 yrs old, I love doing hair, make up, fashion and pictures, I will love to have a opportunity of working with a very recognize business. I hope I can be chosse!! Thank you.

  • I love the art of golf, but not a good player. I if I could spend every moment outside then I would. I spend a lot of my time with my grandchildren and have two grown children. Both are my twins. I have worked as a Financial Center Manger for the past 15 years. Recently I stepped away from corporate America to take a load off and to find myself again. I have served on many different boards, from the YMCA to Chamber of Commerce. I can just about fit in anywhere and with anyone. I am from a small town in Western Kentucky called Mayfield. I do have a southern twang. I can relate to any situation and adjust as need be. I am an incredible sales coach and have taken every bank that I have managed to top performing status. President Circle winner for work done in 2013. I have never acted before, but I know with everything else I have done, I can do this as well. See I know for a fact that I can play many different roles as I have in life. I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, cousin and grandmother. I love my family and my friends dearly. There are so many sides to Yolanda Hairston that you would love to see.

  • tamarjones says:

    The reason i should be picked for modeling i got spunk height and a face to remember and would be a good romodel for youg girls
    5ft4 half shoe size 7half black mexican more. Brown skin dark brown and light brown eyes
    Size small 2and3 pants medium small shirts 106pounds
    and will send you pick from my email here.

  • Amber Nicole Lewis says:

    Hi my name is Amber, as you can see. I’m 14 years old, i love to dance, i sing in the choir, i played basketball, run track, and i love school. it would be a honor to becone a mode for macys and part of such an amiazing experience. I absolutely. love macys and ever since i wnted to be in the catalog. .as younger i always wanted to be in the catalogs.picking me will not be a regre that’s a promise. lol. thanks for reading :)!

  • Marissa deleon says:

    Would love to represent your company and be apart of your team. Macy’s is awesome! Im 5’9″ 125 and size 5. I’m a honor roll student and will be a cardiac surgeon one day. Would love to be given a chance to model for you.

  • Marissa deleon says:

    Would love to represent your company and be apart of your team. Macy’s is awesome!

  • Dana says:

    I am 12 I have been asked to model like 5to6 times and I really want to be a model

  • danielle gough says:

    Hi my name is danielle im 25 years old. I have brown hair and blue eyes. Im 5’4 and weigh 125 pounds.

  • Here in Washington, DC I model for The Notorous Runway Production and The Library of Congress. My size are
    5’10” (177.8 cm)

    32″ (81.3 cm)

    Hair Color:

    Eye Color:

    Shoe Size:
    9.5 (43.0 EU)

    14″ (35.6 cm)

    33″ (83.8 cm)

    Jacket Size:
    42″ (106.7 cm)

    Jacket Length:

    When modeling I all ways enjoying it and I’m very good when taking Photos as you can see from my website.

  • Noreen says:

    I am posting for my 5 year old daughter whos is full of life, extremely theatrical by nature, loving, funny and outgoing, she has developed a strong interest in acting and modeling- she is definitely an eye catcher and will melt anyone’s heart-
    Thank you for your time-

  • I am 20 years old, 5’3, 125lbs, blonde, and blue eyes and have an hour glass figure. I’m from Portland, indiana but live in muncie Indiana. I would love/think I could be a Macy’s model because I have a great personality, fun and easy to work with, up for anything and a very determined hard working, open minded person. I’m wanting to try something new while still young and bold enough to.(not going to be typing forever) :)
    Please and thank you

  • Melissa says:

    Aspiring model 5’10–135lbs

  • monae howard says:

    Hello my name Monae howard I’m am 18years old I go t macomb commity college I’m majoring in bunisess as a wedding planner … i also I have a talent for taking classy elegant. …ambitious ….. fierce…. pictures… I take care of my body an I’m beautiful I do sometimes wear makeup but I really dont need it.. three words I can say about my self is classy smart and confident I believe because I m confident it can take me far. . And I believe this a chance for me yio two do good. . My body info I’m am 5.6 height I weigh 157.. I have red hair… and vlack eyes…

  • christian lewis says:

    Hi my name is Christian Lewis I’m 19 years old I’m a high school Graduate with a 3.578 I have being wanting to model For some time but never knew how to get started I’m 5.8 brown eyes black hair

  • Erika says:

    Hi mane is Erika and i love to see my children’s modeling for macys be so nice.

  • dmitriy jerry says:

    I am 20 years old, i have blonde hair blue eyes. My height is 5″4 and i weigh 130LBs. I excersize most days of the week and i am fit so I’d love to chance to model with you guys!

  • Amanda Jones says:

    My son Austin would be a great addition to Macy’s. He has a great personality and is a charmer in person & on camera. He has lots of practice taking pictures with my SLR. & takes direction well.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

    Amanda Jones

  • Erin says:

    My names Erin
    I’m 5’5
    Blue/green eyes
    115 lbs
    13 years old
    Blonde hair

  • Erin says:

    I have been working hard on finding a real modeling/acting career but most things I fing are scams. I’m 5’4 and have long blonde hair with green blue eyes. I would love to have a real modeling career!

  • Miranda says:

    My name is Miranda, I am 14 years old. I am model material and resemble the looks of Miranda Kerr, people tell me. I am tall and thin, and work extremely well with the camera. I would love to model and become the next big model.

  • Tifanee says:

    Are you looking for any babies at this time. I have a cute 10 month old

  • HI, I have a 3 year old named Kaiyun & he will love to participate in any toddler modeling contest that you all may have so u can just email me & I can send you some of the best pictures in the world..

  • Arishema Moncrieffe says:

    Hi I’m very interested please send me more info

  • paulina says:

    Hi im paulina im 11 I.have.brown eyes.brown hair (long hair)
    And.I would love to model for macys I.have permission from my parents

  • Hannah McCoy says:

    We have more shots available to send! Please let us know if your interested thank you! Jayda is represented by McIntrye Model Managment

    Hannah McCoy

  • Jennifer hisle says:

    Hi my daughters name is Jaylena she is 6 years old and loves to take pictures, please contact my email n I will send you pictures.

  • Peggy Ulysse says:

    I am very interested in modeling for your company. I believe that young girls must see themselves as being beautiful regardless of their shade or size. I am milk chocolate complexion, 5’7 and 150 lbs. Please email me. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • janae williams says:

    please email me i would love to model for you

  • Lydia Yaiser says:

    Hi I`m Lydia!
    Age: 12
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eye color: Blue
    Height: 5`0
    Weight – 100 lbs.
    Skin color: White
    Experience in Acting and Modeling:
    – ProScout Talent scout event – received a callback and was invited to Boston MA for talent showcase for modeling and acting.
    -Celebrity Acting League, talent scout event – received a callback and invited to Hollywood CA for talent showcase for modeling and acting.
    – ARTS/ applause international, talent scout event- received a callback and was invited to Orlando Florida for Talent showcase for Modeling and acting
    – I have been offered a modeling contract but at the time we couldn’t accept due to family issues, but now everything is fine and we can do any job available.
    I am home schooled so I am available anytime you would need me for any job and my parents are very supportive and willing to travel with me.
    Email me for my pictures and resume if interested.
    Lydia Yaiser

  • shofi negi says:

    Hi , I will win future manhunt -contest ………..
    . muge itna PTA h………bus…..

  • Patricia Gutierrez says:

    Is there a physical address to send pictures to or they just need to be uploaded?

  • Bhumi N says:

    I want to send you the pictures if you email me.

  • William Goodbar says:

    Hi I would love to get the opportunity to be one of your models for your line. I am a 19 year old black male that’s great in front of a camera. If you choose to email me I will send you some of my photos. Thanks for you consideration.

  • I am an 11-year old upcoming model for you. I have perfect proportions for my age and height, and many of my friends and family have recommended modeling for me. Although I have braces, I am sure with the modeling for kids these days, you will probably want braces anyways. I want the profit, I don’t want to pay to model. I think I would be a great canadite for Macy’s. Please contact me. I have researched a lot about modeling and do not want a scam. Thank you!

  • Crystal Sweet says:

    Hi my name is CRYSTAL SWEET, I am 13 years old im 5/8 103 pounds and im a size 0 I really enjoy modeling its one of the things im good at. I enjoy reading writing shopping hangim
    ng out with my friend and just being a regular teenager thanks for your consideration. Crystal Sweet

  • Wilmer says:

    my name wilmer I’m 17 years old I’m 6’1 of height in good shape I’m good looking and people always tell me why aren’t a model I’m like I don’t know, i walked in to Macys last time they ask why don’t you sign up for being a model always ohh ok ill try ,,,

  • Aaliyah says:

    Aaliyah is (4) years old she is very intelligent and very photogenic she is not shy she takes directions well. She haves been on stage since the age of 6 months. She would absolutely love this opportunity so we hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you!

  • emily iannucci says:

    Hello my name is Emily iannucci. I’m an aspiring model I would be a great candidate for Macy’s I am a gorgeous girl inside and out. I have hazel-green eyes and brown hair. I’m 20 years young and about 5’0 wh8ch makes me unique. Thank you for considering me

  • Sun Samuel says:

    My 11 months old son already is a fashion model in China.

  • Gio Zambrano says:

    kids modeling in Maicys.com

  • Erika A. McBride says:

    I’m Erika. I am 15 years old! I am very interested is modeling and always have been! I was asked by One Source Talent to travel to New York City sometime for an appointment to meet and so that they could take my measurements and head shots! I haven’t gone yet but will be very soon! I love taking pictures, it is something I do A LOT! :) I can send more pictures if you’d like! Thank you so much!

  • Hi I would love to model for Macy’s and I know it would be a great experience if selected

  • Samantha Stevens says:

    I am 19 years old, 6 foot and weigh 128. I have done many modeling gigs and would consider myself experienced and well fit for Macys.
    Thank you.

  • sharae Williams says:

    I am 16 and I’m. 5’11 tall

  • sophia says:

    I would love ti be a model!

  • janille link says:

    I am 21 years old and I am interested in this please give me a call

  • Keziah Minnieweather says:

    I’m Keziah
    Age: 12 yrs old soon to be 13 in february!
    Enthicity: african american
    Hair: Shoulder length and Black
    Eyes: brown
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 125
    Shoe size: 7.5 or 8
    Dress size: 14 or 16
    Pants and shorts size: 6
    Shirt size: Medium
    City: Portland, or
    Experiences: Local Fashion show, fox 12 news, and Sicklecell Singing Marathon
    I can sing, dance, act, write songs, and I have recently been taking gymnastics classes
    Instagram: Keziah.Minnieweather or facebook: Keziah Minnieweather

  • paige says:

    I’ll send you a picture but I will send it through a email only

  • Keyatta F says:

    Can you please me the email address so I can send a picture of my daughter.

  • Gianna DiMatteo says:

    Hi I’m Gianna,I am 13 yrs old and weigh 110 lbs. I’m 5’7 and have brown eyes and long brown hair. I am very outgoing and I’ve been dancing since I was 3. People have always told me that I should be a model. I love fashion and makeup. I am a total girly girl and I would love to be a model for Macy’s!

  • kettura blaise says:

    I am ;16years old
    weigh; 112lbs
    and very eager to learn, so please let me model for Macy’s I will not try to dissapoint you.give me a chance.

  • Hey my name is lisley. I am 16 years old. I am African. 5,3. Modeling has always been my passion and this would mean the world to me. You can contact me at lisleymuchiri35@yahoo.com Thank you

  • Elinett Cortez says:

    18 years old.
    Brown hair
    Green eyes
    109 lbs.
    Live in Florida.

  • Donna Gant says:

    I would love for Macy’s to consider my two grandsons they are 5 and 6 years order. Very adorable and soon to be most handsome:)
    Will send pictures.

  • Nneka Aruoma says:

    I would love to model for Macy’s! I am 19, 5’9″ 126lbs, Black.

  • Joshua Hower says:

    I will send pictures if you email me

  • Ariella James says:

    My five (5) year old daughter would be delighted to be a part of Macy’s model team…she loves Macy’s shopping!!

  • zayani asmar says:

    8 years old 4’7 85 lbs. model.actress print work..

  • Yohanna says:

    I Would like to be considered.
    I am 30 years old, Hispanic, brow eyes, natural brown hair(black right now).
    117 lbs

    33 1/2
    25 1/2

  • Woodrow says:

    Hi there, just became alert to your blog through
    Google, and found that it’s truly informative.
    I am going to watch out for brussels. I’ll appreciate if you continue this in future.
    Many people will be benefited from your writing.

  • jazmine says:

    hi ok im 15 and so far my resume is up to date and i represnt my self i am no longer signed underneath a agency but the picture i sent was indeed not my head shot but a picture of me at a fashion show is there a email i can use to send you the compcard

  • selva martinez says:

    I am 12 years old
    .tanned skin
    .brown eyes
    .dark brown hair
    .I am 5 something
    I live in Belize central America

  • Joanne Whitfield says:
  • Joanne Whitfield says:

    Here are a few pics of my models (kids). Ages 4-14
    Chaz-14, Jayden-11, Alana-6, Riley-4
    Pls let me know how I can send better pics of them

  • Yondell Anthony says:

    I would really love to model for you guys I really believe you guys would love my attitude and charisma I bring. Can you take a look at my Facebook and see if you would consider me my email for it is yonnieanthony@yahoo.com

  • nana says:

    hello, I’m nana
    I was the miss tourism queen of Korea at 2012.
    and I moved America so I thought I couldn’t work by model.
    I’m happy for modeling and I feel like live.
    I’m glad to find you and to apply your company.
    height 5″7
    weight 130
    eyes color dark brown
    thank you
    have a nice day

  • I would be Honored if you consider my son to be a Macy’s Model, very clean store,always well kept. He’s 4 very handsome and has the look!!! I’m sure him modeling will draw attention and sell the clothing!!! Please consider I can aslo send or email photos.Thanks

  • Hello I am seasonal employee for Macy’s, I have a 4 year old son that loves to takes photos. We are always in Macy’s and he’s always complimented on how Handsome he is. I would love for him to model your clothing and I’m sure he would too. Big fan of Ralph lauren etc.!!

  • I most certainly will right away grab your current rss while i are unable to to get the e-mail subscription web page link as well as e-newsletter company. Do you have every? I implore you to permit us notice so that I can join. Thanks weekend maids Huntington Beach CA.

  • Gordon Williams says:

    Im a young african american young male. I would love to model for macys. I would love to bring a new face to the scene. I am a hard worker and determined.
    Height: 5’11
    Age: 17
    Sex: male
    Instagram: Ghettouniversity_
    can contact me at williamsgordon20@gmail.com

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  • Jesenia Ortiz says:

    I would like to model for the stores

  • monica giselle bautista says:

    My name is monica giselle bautista I am 5’4 I am fit. I’ve been wanting to be a model and i’ll be glad if I modeled for macy’s because I’m in love with their clothing.

  • Samuel C. Roche says:

    Male 9 yr old African American
    D.O.B. July 24, 2005 Height: 56′ Weight: 65bs.
    Hair: Med.length Black (dreads) Eyes:Brown ,Pants: 8 slim
    Shirt/Jacket: 8 Shoe size: 31/2
    2015-07 E Learning model – Daner Gerald
    2014-01 ROOTS – #Familysearch, #1 Child / Ancestry/Commercial
    2013-12 Children s Miracle Network / Commercial/Nation Wide Model
    Film: 2014-04
    Doc Holiday- Child
    Heat – Young Kevin, Thru Faith Productions.
    Print: 2013-10, 2013-11 Photo Promotional Stock Model, Rich Vintage Studios,Utah
    Commercial:2010-01 SuperBowl, Child actor, OverStock.com
    Extra: 2009-04 One Good Man (Father of Israel) , Child in Pew || Christian Vuissa (12 hours on set)
    Training: 2010-2013-05 Dance || Group Dance HipHop, Ballet ||
    2014 – current UP WITH KIDS Musical Theatre Academy, currently active in Wild Cats football as Running back, Excellent student, well grounded!
    *Actively honing acting and modeling techniques through video/camera practice, reading, Improve and Theatre Academy Training and actively working on projects.
    Skills/Talents: Dancing (HipHop,Ballet) Running, Football, Reading, Memorization Proficiency, Excellent Student, Confident, Cooperative and respectful. Samuel does have the “IT” factor!
    We are great at traveling and are prepared to drive or fly anywhere within the United States for paid projects and or travel expenses. Local projects for credit, copy and food welcome! Skype Auditions Available. Recent HS
    *Contact: ShellyRoche'(801)336-0212 / Shellylynroche@yahoo.com

  • Daniel says:

    Her name is Tsion born Oregon united state she is my dougther she so cute about my dream one day I see my dougther modelist becouse everything she is cute

  • jim shimko says:

    I am a 65yr 5 8 153 lbs white hair male 32″ waist experienced in commercials background acting as well Interested in doing print work commercials as well thank you

  • Beth Gentner says:

    Hello, My Daughter Jennavieve is 14 months old and has been compared to Shirley Temple By Many People! I submitted her Photo! We are interested in modeling at Macys because we love your company so much! I have videos and photos if you are interested. Thank You

  • Manjula Egan says:

    Hello I’m interested in putting my 7yr old daughter for Mac’s modeling industry. She very cute loves people,she loves smiling all the time she love’s modeling for mom she changes her clothes at lest 5times to show me,she can model,
    My daughter is the one who really wants to do this, so I’m a single mother of 3 . So I shell help my little girl pursued her dream. Thank you have bless day.

  • My son is gorgeous!!.. i was reading. Your blog insisting that you are looking for beautiful people!! Look no further!!.. My son is 13 and is very outgoing and very intelligent!!.. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED! Please email us back, thank you.

  • Thenicha Bruny says:

    C:\Users\Owner\Pictures\2013-11-03\Thenicha Bruny\101EOS7D

    I would love to model for Macy’s. I am 13 years old and above is the link to see photos of me. For modeling I suggest image 372

  • ZaniaDean says:

    Hey , My Name is Zania J’Monyea Dean As You Can See But I Go As Nia . I Know Im Just 13 Years Old But I Will Be A Great Macys Model . I Hope You Look At This If Yall Do Thanks .

    Thanks Macy
    From Zania Dean

  • Piercarlo Usai says:

    I am a 12 year old male tennis player. I have a very athletic body since I have been playing since I am 6. I also have a good looking face. I think if you see me, you would call me immediately for modeling for Macy’s. Let me know.

  • Hamza Shaukat says:

    Hi Im really interested in modeling for macys. I am a 18 years old male, grew up around a family who’s really into fashion scene. I received a award for being the best dressed at my high school just this past school year. I’m going to college now. I consider myself to be greatly blessed, I’m told all the time threw out days at work that I should model. I live in Michigan, I can audition anytime. Please email me for pictures and more info. Thanks.

    Gender: Male
    Height: 5″10
    Age: 18

  • Yolanda soliz says:

    I would like to know if someone can tell me how I would be able to have fun addition for my granddaughter Alyssa Boldin which is 12 years old tall thin very pretty to help me get her into Macys advertisement 14 is it possible for you to reply as soon as possible

  • Teresa says:

    I have submitted my sons name even though he is 15 years of age. I have been encouraged by many that have taken to him quickly for his wit as well as sincere and handsome image. Daniel is a second degree black belt in karate. Trim 6”2 and gazed at often. He took 1st place in Alaska for his musical abilities with guitar. He is considered “Hot” and I would like to assist him in building college funds. If there is a chance that you might need a model that fits his demeanor I welcome your response. Thank you,

  • Kate Hagerty says:

    Would love to model for Macy’s

  • Jaylene Ramirez says:

    I have adorable 3 year old daughter who loves modeling. . Walk around the house like a diva at the red carpet.
    Contact me for more info…

  • Corbin Ubben says:

    This would be the biggest opportunity of a lifetime! I would absolutely love love love to model for Macy’s! I’ve always been interested in becoming a model, even for a day! My name is Corbin Ubben, I’m 5’7″, 105 lbs., 19 years old, have blonde hair and green eyes, and I run cross country and track in college.

  • arianna schaefer says:

    my grandma aways takes me here i love macys i am 10 years old (girl) my dream is to be a actor and modle love arianna

  • Sandra Ornelas says:

    My name is sandra and i would like to participate on this event.
    I am 5’7, 18 years old, Hispanic.
    Please email me to sandra.ornelas6144@gmail.com or call me to this number (559) 403 3948.
    i would love to participate as a model for macys. Thank You.

  • Logan B. says:

    Name: Logan
    Weight: 74 lbs
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 59 Inches
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Age: 10 (DOB 12-26-03)

    Thanks. Would Love A Part In this Commercial

  • madhusudan says:

    i am an indian i want to show someone ….
    please sir help me

  • HI
    I am great at modeling, acting and performing. I would be a great addition to Macy’s.com! 10 years old/55 inches long/blond/blue eyes

  • Bry'AnA Wallace says:

    I would love to be a model for Macy’s this would help me get great modeling experience. I love modeling I’m very photogenic so if you will please contact me at my E-mail : bryana.wallace@aol.com thank you and i look forward to gearing from you guys hopefully ! Have a blessed day.

  • laina dorsey says:

    im laina. i have some experience modeling and would love to model for macys. i have been told by many people modeling is my thing. my number is 3212167640. hope you would consider me in modeling for macys.

  • Josselyn Marie Pomarico, she works as an independent fashion model.
    Josselyn Marie is 5’1″, brown eyes, long dark brown hair, and beautiful olive complexion.
    She was born in Florida, but is of Puerto Rican Decent.
    She is a senior, and course of study is Cosmetology, sports medicine, and business education.
    Josselyn has been aspiring to be a model for as long as she can remember. She has always had a camera, or camera phone taking thousands of pictures of herself. When her parents thought she was old enough, and mature enough they started helping her build her social networking sites and portfolio.
    It was not long before she was being noticed on Facebook, and Instagram. She presently has 4146 followers, and this continues to grow daily.
    In 2013 she did her first professional photo shoot with Showoutoutbeats for their new clothing line that was being launched She continues to work with them to build her exposure. In March of 2014 she was in a Music Video for a new up, and coming Rapper Zoe Didley. In 2014 she was contacted by ABHStudios OF Atlanta, and had her first photo shoot with them in July. ABHStudios has since added her to their model website, and to their model Instagram site. She was photographed on the red carpet at the 11th Annual V103 KicksNKarz car and bike show with some of the most beautiful Celebrity Cars. From
    P Diddy’s Ferrari FF, Warren Sapp’s Stunning black Ferrari, Gary Sheffield’s gorgeous white Porsche, and The Ariel Atom that supposedly beat the Bugatti Veron in a Race, and a Porsche Panamera. In front of these cars were some of the coolest Retro Jordans! Josselyn Marie was modeling the Air Jordan Retro 5 Laneys. Pictures soon on KicksNKarz website @ KicksnKarz.com.
    Josselyn Marie is a new up and coming model actively seeking career opportunities.

    At the moment she is looking to build her modelling career in the Atlanta area, and will be happy to start on any assignments as soon as possible.
    I am available for assignments in the following fields:
    • Photographic
    • Fashion
    • Commercial
    • Promotion
    I do not do nude, but will be happy to work with age appropriate swimwear, and lingerie.
    I am prepared to travel for my assignments provided that I am paid travel expenses in advance.
    No assignment is too small for me.
    My hobbies include social networking, singing, music, makeup, hair, photography, horseback riding, and writing quotes

  • josselyn marie pomarico says:

    Josselyn Marie Pomarico, she works as an independent model. 
    Josselyn Marie is 5’1″, brown eyes, long dark brown hair, and beautiful olive complexion.
    She was born in Florida, but is of Puerto Rican Decent.
    She is a senior, and course of study is Cosmetology, sports medicine, and business education.
    Josselyn has been aspiring to be a model for as long as she can remember. She has always had a camera, or camera phone taking thousands of pictures of herself. When her parents thought she was old enough, and mature enough they started helping her build her social networking sites and portfolio.
    It was not long before she was being noticed on Facebook, and Instagram. She presently has 4000 followers, and this continues to grow daily.

    Josselyn Marie is a new up and coming model actively seeking career opportunities.

    At the moment she is looking to build her modelling career in the Atlanta area, and will be happy to start on any assignments as soon as possible.
    I am available for assignments in the following fields:
    • Photographic
    • Fashion
    • Commercial
    • Promotion
    I do not do nude, but will be happy to work with age appropriate swimwear.
    I am prepared to travel for my assignments provided that I am paid travel expenses in advance.
    No assignment is too small for me.
    My hobbies include social networking, singing, music, makeup, hair, photography, horseback riding, and writing quotes

  • Sharon Mazo says:

    I’m interested in any modeling position you have. I’m 15, Hispanic, 5’4″. It’s my dream. Please email me back and I promise you, you won’t regret it. Thanks!

  • abbey walton says:

    email me for head shots etc. i am 14 and love to model! thank you!

  • Lisa says:

    I am a Strong,Confident, Determined Beautiful Woman!

  • Anabel massillon says:

    Hi I’m a fun 11 going on 12 year old. I’m fun to be around I guarantee you’ll love being around me. I have the greatest personality. I love acting and dancing I would really love to have this part.

    Reply please!

  • Indira Felder says:

    Born to the name Indira Felder but better known as Indi. I’m very interested in being a Macys model. I have the look, personality and the drive to make a success story.

  • mimi dagnew says:

    I really really want to do modeling.

  • Nicole amaral says:

    I’m Nicole I am turning 18 on august 8th and it’s always been a dream of mine to model for any of the department stores including macys. I walk in there and just wish I could be on those billboards like the other young ladies!

  • Jordin Williams says:

    I am 14 yrs young I am a hard worker I have been in fashion shows in my community done 2 photo shoots I am 5’3 110 i have long brown curly hair which is natural i am very talented never shy I love being in front of he camera and showing the world my talents. thank you

  • JUSTIN HOST says:


  • mahogany TAylor says:

    Hi my name is mahogany i’m very talented and i’m 5’2 , i’m in high school , I live in Newark , and i’m on my way to the 11th grade . , I would love to experience an abundance of things in live and try something different atleast and one of them on my list is acting , ok I can be honest with you i’m shy at first but once I get comfortable i’m am goofy person but always seems to get my work done before I start to play around .

  • matya dunker says:

    Im twelve but short I would love to do some.modeling
    Im up for anything you only live once so I.guess u gotta make ur mark while u have the chance

  • John says:

    Hi, I`m 6.2 tall fit 43 years old and I did a couple jobs for Brioni.


  • Angel Johns says:

    Angel Rose Johns is 3ft 9in tall, 50 lbs, curly ringlet copper hair, hazel eyes, has been on stage since she was 3 mo. old. Angel loves people and being on a stage, She is a very intelligent 5 year old, a great imagination, follows instructions and direction very well. Anything for her from modeling clothes to commercials would. Angel is not in the least shy. people always point and come over to say “there is that famous little girl on Dog With A Blog” , or Little Orphan Annie. Please give this little girl a chance to show what she has to offer!!!!! Thank you.

  • Katarzyna Religa

    (Talent ID: 92968)
    Contact: Phone: 773-987-2539 Email: religakatarzyna@yahoo.com
    Hair: Blonde Eyes: Hazel Height: 5′ 2″ Shoe: 5.5
    City: Chicago State: IL

  • Amalis Moya says:

    Hi, my name is Amalis. I am 22 years old and I am 5’8. I have experience in modeling and I have my portfolio. I live in NYC, and I am interesting in being a Macy’s model. I can audition immediately. Please contact me at my personal email.

  • Miguenson Amilcar says:

    If you reallly need a good sexy hot chocolate guy to do model for macy’s pick me… What so funny even beggar and crazy people I found in the street tell me.. Modeling that’s where i belong… Thank you…

  • sign me up! I <3 (LOVE) Macys, moms favorite store ;)


  • veronica corona says:

    Really hope you guys would consider giving my lil guy a chance. He is definitely a charming, charismatic, handsome boy.

    Veronica Corona

  • I am interested in male modeling for Macys. I am 21 years old. I can audition immediately. I live in Louisville, KY. My home phone is 5022659048. Thank you for your time.


  • Anya Pryzmont says:

    Hi my name is Anya im 29yo, my doughter is 3 will be 4 in october. I have never done something like this, looking to hear from you soon.

  • Ehren Adams says:

    Hi my name is Ehren and I’m 5’1. I’m 10 years old( I will be 11 in March).I would love to be a model. I love fashion and I have the cat walk down pact. If you need pictures just Email me and I will send them.

  • Lakesha says:

    Hi i’m Lakesha I would love to be apart of this for Macy’s! I have a website if you like my look my contact information is on there also thanks for considering me in advance ;)

  • Brianna Hefner says:

    Hi I’m Brianna and I’m 12 and I’m 5’3 I’m very athletic and I would love to model for macys I love fashion please think about if I can get an email I can send so me pictures

  • Thank you for considering me. Check out my profile and photos at One Source Talent. ID#88746 Abby H.
    In addition I am now working on a photoshoot for a popular, local, upscale boutique in my town and have been cast in Hello Dolly this February. Would love to be considered to do print or live modeling for your company. I love working with others and learning from the best. Thanks.

  • stephandias10@gmail.com says:

    I would love to join but I’m only 17 years old

  • jasmine robinson says:


  • Kiana Higgins says:

    I eould love to become a model myself….. I can send some pics if you would like! I just need an email.

  • Allison Campbell says:

    I love to shop at Macy’s an being able to model for them would be an amazing experience.

  • Mai Hazboun says:

    I like photoshoots…

  • Grace Lombardi says:

    Hi ,my name is Grace and I am 11 yrs old.I love fashion,clothes and have designed my own clothes.I would love to be a model for Macy’s.take a look at my pic and choose me.;)

  • Latrivette says:

    Hi my name is latrivette baker. It would be amazing and a dream come to model for Macys. I am a mother of 3 children. I have worked plenty of jobs in my life span. Now it’s time to go after my dreams. Since I was seven I have been an addict to fashion. All my life I was told I could be a model. I have tried, but living in a small town without the opportunity no luck. I have been to modeling schools and ect. I have head shot photo and others. It’s time to show my kids to pursue their dreams!
    I am 35
    142 lb
    Bone structure face
    Brown eyes
    Size 8 waist
    Size 10 shoe

  • Yerusalem says:

    i would love to be a part of this….i have dreamd of becoming a model all my life, this would be a great oportunity…i will give you my full information if you give me your Email. :)

    Thank You!

  • Elena says:

    My name is Elena and I have almost 5 year old daughter! Her name is Abigail…She’s very cute with sandy blonde hair and popping dark brown eyes! Please email me back with your information so I can send you my daughter’s info and photos. Your response would be greatly appreciated.

  • Ashley Wyman says:

    I am 20 years old, 5’3, 110 lbs, brown/blue eyes, natural blonde but dark headed at the moment. In the past, I have modeled for a few boutiques, online sites, calendars, ASI, and the Australian Swim Illustration. Love the camera, love to travel, and I love to work.

  • keian Frederick says:

    Hi my name is Keian I am 2 years old, with brown eyes and long curly hair. Im as cut as a buttons with a great smile and pretty brown skin. I like to have fun, dance, sing and play with my big sister. I like playing football like my dad and im always happy… Im always being silly and love taking pictures all the time… You will love me when you meet.. Thank you for your time..

  • John Dovel says:

    Hi my name is john Dovel I’m a 6 feet 1 inch 19 year old Caucasian male. I have blue eyes ,brown hair, I’m athletic with a slim build. I have a great sense of humor and always willing to try new things. I’m a hard worker and all I need is a chance to show what I can do and you won’t be disappointed. I am currently registered with onesourcetalent.com my talent number is 88883. Thank you for your consideration.

    You can email me at johnadovel4th@aol.com
    My phone number is 7863907673


  • saskia says:

    I would definitely love to do this! I’m 5’9, comfortable in front of the camera, beautiful face, and great personality Please give me the opportunity.. I will send pictures

  • Mirlande Mercius says:

    Hi! I am 21 years old, and I’m 6’3″. I am very talented. i would love to model for macy’s.

  • Angel Johns says:

    I am 5 years old ,very smart. I love being on stage , I love having my pictures taken. I am not shy at all. Please consider me!!
    Thank You A.J. (Angel)

  • Thank you for considering my daughter for a kid modeling photo shoot ……she has the experience….has modeled for a few catalogs..She loves the experience.
    Thank you for the consideration

  • Meridith Henderson says:

    Mother of two beautiful angles, Michael S.Walker III 7yrs & his sister Myah L. Walker 4yrs… Both full of energy, charisma. They have taken pictures together and separate, but have a blast pkaying off each others vibe, rather it be fake sleeping, or just plain goofy. I am truly blessed to be apart of their life journeys….

  • jiliani says:

    hi my name is jiliani louis I’m 12 years old I’m 5’6 and i have brown hair andbrown eyes I currently model for shine one source and talent I would love to model for Macy’s!

  • Angela says:

    Hey you should model my daughter Angela macedo

  • Tammy Vu says:

    I work as Shiseido Beauty Consultant in Macys. I understand the value and importance of representing Macys by wearing their products for many years, especially Shiseido skincare for 14 years. I am representing Shiseido products (Macys) by having beautiful skin as a walking advertisement in my counter. I have done modeling as a hobby and have a portfolio in all types of outfits and environments. I am very interested to apply and submit my pictures for a review.

  • Karen says:

    Hey im 23yr old latina, 5’1, 125 with 36dd natural. im a model and would love to model for macys.

  • Ashley Robles says:

    Hi..im Jasmine Lopez and have a little an charming baeauty thats 5 years old. She has thouse lovely blue eyes everyone has to stare at! She adores pictures,model her clothes and dance.I would love she will have the opportunity to model ,dance and act because she has the style and the talent.

  • saskia says:

    Hi I would love to model for macy’s how can I submit my picture?

  • Ashley Webber says:

    my name is Ashley and I am a petite model I’m 24 years old I’ve been modeling for a year. Im a published model in Un.Sung magazine. I am interested in becoming a model for Macys. my goal is commercial print catalog.

  • Abby Heeringa says:

    Greetings- My name is Abby Heeringa and I would love the opportunity to model or do photoshoots for Teen style clothes for your company. I am 13 years old and I love the stage and I love the camera. I have won several photogenic contests and greatly appreciate your consideration. I have been in local productions in my community with the latest being The Sound of Music playing the role as the Von Trapp Child -Gretl. I love Broadway and any opportunity to sing, act, and dance. Photos have been submitted in my name at this website or http://www.2013auditions.com. Thanks for your consideration.

  • how can I submit my picturers!

  • Peyton Mills says:

    I would love to model for Macy’s. I love their clothing line for teens and woman. I would love to submit my photos to you.

  • Sharice Smith says:

    this would be an amazing opportunity nd I’ve always wanted to model and act ever since I was little I hope I get a job thank you!!

  • Brittany Clay says:

    Hello I am a new model looking for various jobs to do to get a better start in the fashion industry. Modeling has been going slow but being patient is the best thing ,but I would love to get started soon. I’m 16, my height is 5’8″, my waist is 28″ and my hips are 33″, I am African American . I have dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. I have very light skin almost kinda tan. My shoe size is 9. I weigh around 135-142 .if you would like to consider me for this task ,email me ASAP. I would like to model for the women’s catalog as well as a teens catalog.

  • Pranee Konram says:

    Hi, I would love to model for Macy’s cuz I love everything in that store, especially catalog women clothes.

    Height 5″7
    Weight 120
    Asian, dark brown eyes, tan skin
    Shoe ziz 8-8.5
    Hope to hear from you. Thx

  • Joey Thieme says:

    I would love to be considered for this!! I am a freelance model in Chicago!

  • Sabrina Tatalias says:

    Hello my name is Sabrina Tatalias
    I am 13 years old.
    Tan skin, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes.
    I weigh 120, and am “5’4 1/2″
    I am a 8-8.5 shoe size
    I may be young but, I have always wanted to be a model. As a child I was chubby but as a got older I saved myself and lost all the weight. I am a very determined independent women, and can accomplish great things for your company.

    If you have any interest in me I can email you some body and head shots.

    Thank you

  • one of mine dream is to be a Macys model or catalog modelmy age is 11 years my height is 5″2 my eyes brown hair honeyblonde

  • irina says:

    I would really love to model for Macy’s!

  • Theo says:

    I am a 4 month old boy with light brown hair, blue eyes, and fair rosy skin. I am a very happy baby boy who is constantly complimented by strangers. I almost never cry. I am a very good boy who can hold a smile for long periods of time. I would love to model your baby boy clothes and anything else you’d like. Thank you!

  • Erin M. says:

    I have the perfect 6 year old little girl for your ads! She loves having her picture taken. She’s petite, sandy blonde hair and popping blue eyes!! Please email me back with your information so I can send you my daughter’s information and photos.
    She also has a twin brother :)
    Your response would be greatly appreciated.

  • Zahirah henry says:

    I would love to become a macys model. I’m 2 1/2, very pretty, love to smile and pose for pictures, also very stylish. My dream is to become a model. Everywhere I go someone is telling my mom, I should be modeling.

  • Bri says:

    I would love the opportunity to be able to model for your company. Please feel free to e-mail me any further information and I will in return give all other information needed for the opportunity. Thank you!

  • Dawn Carr says:

    Please send application and address that I can send the application and photo to for fashion models for advertisement for teenagers.


  • Adriana says:

    Hi my name is Modesty, it would be a great honor to be a model for your company Macy’s I love the quality of your cloths and I’m all about fashion, I believe that you can express yourself and your beauty through fashion of who you are because we are very unique and different in so many ways, and what a better way to express yourself.
    Sex: female
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: brown
    Dress Size:5
    Can you email me more information or give me your email so I can send photos thank you hope to here from you soon. ;)

  • Tenaya Berryhill says:

    My daughter is 15 and would love to model for your company, I believe she is the young girl your looking for. If you can email me back I can send more photos of her, thank you, and we do appreciate your response back…

  • Ashley Jackson says:

    It would be an honor to model for Macy’s. I attended Barbizon Modeling class and was nominated as the top in my class year of 2012 in Fort Worth Tx. I attended a Barbizon competition this year 2013 and was one of the top honorables. I am 12 years old and I sent a couple of pictures.

  • Stefanie Frances says:

    I have an adorable 4 year old son/grandson (i’ve adopted him) and would love to have him model for Macy’s

    May I please have an email address to forward his photos.

    thank you.

  • Saho says:

    Im sure that im ideal for modeling trust me

  • Crystal Boatwright says:

    I am 15, 5″11 weigh 135 and very eager to learn, so please let me model for Macy’s I will not try to dissapoint you.give me a chance.

  • Nathalie Navarro says:

    I am a female searching for catalogue/commercial work to expand my modeling experience. I have previously modeled for Aeropostale and am currently modeling for Not Of This World Christian Clothing.
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 117lbs
    Eyes: green
    Hair: long/brown
    Dress size: 2

  • Vicky Espinoza says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I’m highly interest in the Macy’s open call for 2013. Where may I find more information or how could I apply?

    About me:
    Green eyes
    Athletic (long distance runner/steeplechaser)
    110 lbs
    Fair skin
    Medium length light brown, wavy hair

    Thank you! I appreciate your time.

  • Isaiah Martin says:

    I would like to sends a small bio of my son, is there a email and mailing address in which I can forwaionrd his information to? Thanks a lot.

  • Elizabeth franqui says:

    Hi my name is mya angelica I am 9 years old and would love to model your clothing I am thin and beautiful and smart….so please feel free to email us thank you for your time….MYA Angelica..

  • would love to become a model for your company.

  • Phuong Doan says:

    Hi, I’m interested in doing some modeling work, I’m actually new at this and I really hope to get started somewhere. Please email me so that I can send a picture of myself to you. I’m currently 18 years old and I’m 5’4

  • Salvatore Michael Philip says:

    Like to model for macy’s, I have photo’s to submit, send e-mail

  • mya littleton says:

    I would love to be a model for Macy’s if you want to see a picture of Mr then you can email me and I would be able to a send you the picture as soon as you email me

  • Donna Green says:

    I’m interested in getting back into modeling, I was a swimwear model
    and fit model for buyers in Portland and also did some traveling for shows. 5’9″ and 116 lbs. Please contact me if you have print work
    or modeling jobs available.
    Thank you.

  • Aliyah Garcia says:

    Hi my name is Aliyah I’m 7 years old I like to sing and dance and I love to take pictures. I hope and pray to get the chance to become a real model .

  • Well thank you Macy’s for this opportunity. I am 50 years old and lookin great! I am 5 ft 5.5 inches tall and weigh in at 117. I am a dance fitness instructor and just lovin life. I have 3 children (23, 19, 15) and 2 dogs. My goal in life is to show people that its never too late to change jobs, lifestyle, or just go out and do it all!! Recently, we lost a nephew age 23 to addictions. It pretty much sucked the life out of my family. Everyone relied on me – I’m the strong one but really I was just as weak but I kept my ground to help my sister and family. I would like to be a spokesperson for this terrible tragedy that is hitting the rich and poor and stop the evil from taking our most precious life – OUR CHILDREN!! thank you for this opportunity I am fun, energenic and love people, dance and model >

  • Banna Girmay says:

    Hi I am interested in advertising with Macys, I would really like if I had the chance to Model, and advertise in Macys. I also took modeling and acting class at JC. so I am asking to represent Macys thank you.

  • hello.
    my name is Angelina Ramos ,I like to act. I also have experince in acting. I had the leafding role in my school play. The play was The Wizard Of Oz. I did good in trhe play.I will like to be in this movie. I will also if u guys can give me the opportunity to by in this movie.

    thank you!
    Angelina Ramos


  • Annalysia Soyo says:

    Hi my name is Annalysia Soto..One of my friends have been a model for Macy’s and she said its a great experience! I really love fashion and it would be amazing if i could model for you guys! thanks!! (:

  • Marybeth says:

    Hight: 5’2
    Weight: 102
    Bust: 34B
    Waist: 36′
    Done photo shoots for:
    White Moth Production
    Scott Kelly
    David Yannone
    Eric Riley
    Firefly Photography
    Please feel free to contact me at:

  • Hi. My friends and family always tell me i have a beautiful killer smile that lights up the room. Why waste your talent krystal? You should try out for tv commercials and print ads. Im very energetic, love the camera:-) I could send you a picture:-). Im could be contacted by my email and number 718-756-7632, cell 347.790.4522

  • Rosalyn Moore says:

    Photogenic! Photogenic! and Photogenic! How do you spell Photogenic? Spell photogenic with a picture of me! Vendors will appreciate how I and will want me to display their designs! How I work their designs for maximum sales opportunities. I can walk a runway too! Less is more and more is more too. I will meet Macy’s needs.

  • Priscilla says:

    hey, my names Priscilla. im 17 years old. I always wanted to be a model ever since i was little it was my dream to be one, one day and i would love to be one. i have confident and i love style.

  • Jackie Adragna says:

    My name is Jackie Adragna and I really would love to be considered!!! I am 23 years old and am from Staten Island, New York. I have been modeling for two years; lingerie, swimsuits and dance wear. I did the cover of Bloomberg’s Business week Feb’13 and also have tear sheets from Maxim Magazine September’09 and Industry Magazine Sept-Oct’10. I have done the Nick Dipaolo and Artie Lange Show for Maxim and also recently did some events for Maxim :Halloween, New Years & Maxim/Ciroc Event- also just did Maxim Madness for Maxim T.V.; I also attend college as a full time drama major.
    My email is kittenlil143@aol.com
    My cell is 7189873767
    My modelmayhem link :http://www.modelmayhem.com/cheeech
    Thankyou for your time
    -Jackie Adragna

  • Feven says:

    I want to model

  • Zykirria Stewart says:

    I would really love for my daughter to model she has talent and a unique look!

  • Dalila Torres says:


    Please consider me for an audition.



  • I have done a lot of print modeling and some runway I would absolutely love to be considered for this opportunity. It would be like a dream come true.

    • Christina Sendejas says:

      Hello, my name is Christina Sendejas and I am 26 years old and I am half black and half mexican. I am going to be honest I never thought of myself as a model until as I got older in my adulthood every said how pretty I was and that I should share my personality with to world and inspire others that they can make it despite of. I have my master degree in counseling because I love helping and supporting others. I would be overwhelmed with joy if I am chosen. Thank you!

  • ,

  • Kesley Moorefield says:

    I model for 2 agencies right now and I have modeled retail before and I would love to be up for this opportunity!

  • Shania Weatherford says:


    My name is Shania Weatherford, and I am intersed in your search for models for Macys.com Advertisement. I look fowaard to your audition process.


    Shania Weathweford.

  • Michelle Sparling says:

    Half Korean
    Half White
    Brown hair
    Brown eyes
    Clear Skin

  • Caroline says:


    My daughter’s dream is to Model I have been putting it off but more and more as I see her that is all she wants to be. She is continues to always take photos of her self and does her own movies with friends and siblings she also loves to direct and does such a great job! I received a text last week for a Macy’s fall catalog looking for Modeling. We are working on her portfolio please get back with me
    Thank you!

  • Nasharia Muldrew says:

    :) I would LOVE to audition for MACYS I’m 6’0 140pounds brown smooth skin brown eyes black hair I’m 22 years of age

  • Hello my name is Alice, I will love to model some of your clothing, I am only 11 years old. I am tall for my age and skinny too. I always wanted to be a model but my mom said I was to small. This could be my opportunity. My family is from Mexico and I was born here. I have white skin and black hair, people think I am japanees because of my eyes but they are long and big. Plz give me a chance to meet me in person. 510 303 1490. Thank you for reading this comment.

  • Doria Offenberger says:

    Macy’s is known for its niche in popular culture and the diversity of its merchandise. It competes with Belk, Bon-Ton, and Dillard’s; more upscale facilities compete with Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, and Saks Fifth Avenue. It has produced the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City since 1924, and sponsored the City’s annual Fourth of July fireworks display since 1976. Macy’s flagship was, and is still being advertised as, the largest in the world, and draws shoppers from well beyond the New York City Metropolitan Area.:”..”

    Most popular write-up provided by our personal blog site

  • Larry Hunter says:

    i would love to do this for Macys and be on TV all my life i modle and act in school and still am and i am 15 years old, an Boy and have blck hair and used to doing thing like this and i have fun dressing and all the things like that and i have the true style i think and my family think and maybe you guys might to so this is what i would like to do

  • Talent ID 81479.
    Ma’Kaylia is very interested in this opportunity.

  • Jose says:

    Hi my name Is Jose Bencomo. I am a singer and actor. I love to sing and act. I love to sing songs and I have even created my own songs. All my life i have wanted to be on tv. I have been called to an audition but I didn’t go. Give me one chance and I won’t let you down. I am Hispanic. With one opportunity thats all I need to get my chance to be a celebrity. Just give me a chance to and I won’t let anyone down. Although I love music,I have always loved to act and consider it the most major part of my life
    Age: 13
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 103
    Hair: black
    Eyes: brown
    Gender: male
    Thank You!

  • Monique Jordan says:

    I would love to become a model. People come up to me everyday trying to recruit me as a model because of my face structure, beautiful green eyes and light brown skin. I have always wanted to model because I love taking pictures but its hard to find a place thats not a scam or fake. This would be a wonderful opportunity for me, Thank you

  • Taavon says:

    There is a first time for everything an a beginning to a start. Got to start from somewhere why not now to me now would be a good time to start fresh an explore all of possibilty of having dreams come true.

  • Marina M Williamson says:

    I can totally do this and get away as a kid toll cuz I’m short yep indeed I’m short. People call me shorty cuz I’m so small. Would love to try this.
    Marina M Williamson
    28 years old
    4’9 petite
    Short brown hair
    Blue eyes
    Kids shoes and junior clothing at times
    Dress size 4
    Skin fair
    Originally from St. Petersburg Russia but no don’t speak Russian
    Music background (oboe, flute, trumpet, percussion mallets)
    Played marching band/symphonic band
    Received best band director award
    Recognized as best band leader for Grossmont Union HS District
    Worked Walmart cashier-seasonal
    Work college cashier-7 years

  • DOLCE says:

    Born with talent, people comment on a daily basis that I need to be in Movies, Commercials, Magazines that I have it all and all it takes. I feel the same way about it and I would love to do all that and share my passion and talent. For now I’m a yoga instructor and would love to have a Real Agent contact me and give me work and auditions to go to and get the roles so that the agent and I can get plenty of work and make money :) My phone number is (714) 676 6508

  • Jamaica Adams says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to model for Macy’s teens ! I model, dance and act and would totally love to be apart of the Macy’s commercials :) PLease send me information about this ! Im am an african american 15 year old girl teen that is ahletic and cant pass this opportunity up !

  • Charielle Nicole says:

    It would be amazing to be a model for Macy’s. I would be very humble.

  • Liz says:

    I can’t send photo of my son, do u have a email I can send his photo? Thank u

    • i can send you guys a photo of my daughter just give me your email

    • Haylie Nowell says:

      I would love to model for Macy’s because I have an amazing passion for fashion. I am 8 years old and went to follow the steps of Coco Channel.She is amazing and I feel like my inspiration comes from her passion . I currently model runway fashion shows , and I am planning designs for my own line someday. I am very unique and I have a smile that will light up a room. I am passionate about my goals and dreams and I plan on working hard to fulfill them all and hopefully inspire others to do the same.
      Haylie Nowell

      • Haylie Nowell. says:

        I would love to model for Macy’s because I have an amazing passion for fashion. I am 8 years old and went to follow the steps of Coco Channel.She is amazing and I feel like my inspiration comes from her passion . I currently model runway fashion shows , and I am planning designs for my own line someday. I am very unique and I have a smile that will light up a room. I am passionate about my goals and dreams and I plan on working hard to fulfill them all and hopefully inspire others to do the same.
        Haylie Nowell

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