If you would like to be part of the Model Call for Crest Toothpaste Advertisement Casting Call in 2015 please leave a comment below and let us know why you should be considered.

Model Call for Crest Toothpaste Advertisement

Models for Crest Ad

Crest Advertisement seeking Models.

Everyone has a favorite toothpaste. Whether it tastes like bananas or minty fresh, Crest has been a favorite around American households for centuries. There is a model call out for a Crest Toothpaste advertisements which are set to release later this year. Crest is a brand of toothpaste that is developed by Procter & Gamble in Germany and in the Unites States and sold worldwide. It offers various flavors and versions of the toothpaste, from Pro-Health to Teeth Whitening. The brand is known for about different dental care products such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, dental floss, and even the Crest Whitestrips tooth-whitening products.

Some of the product names Crest offers through their brand is Crest Pro Health, Crest 3D White, Crest Tartar Protection, Crest Whitening and Scope flavored toothpaste. And only a couple of years ago Crest sold dental floss under the Crest Glide Brand which is now known as Oral-B Glide. The original Logo was designed by various designers over the years and has stuck with Donald Deskey as the original designer.

Casting department is looking to book African American teen talent ages 13-18 years old, Caucasian Females 25 and up, Caucasian Males 18 and up, and a few older talent, retired talent, over the age of 55 years old. Casting directors will put together a list of talent who are qualified for the 4 open speaking roles in a commercial. The rest of the talent will then be auditioned with for a shoot/advertisement for the brand. There are a total of 6 advertisements coming out end of next month that need to be completed. Most of the main models are celebrities/television figures. The extra models used the shoots will be needed. Need to book a total of about 15-20 models who are constantly available for the shoot. Depending on your experience you may be compensated for your time. If this is a project you would be interested in then definitely send in a photo of yourself, a resume, and or head shot. Talent will also be asked to bring in their portfolio or resume to auditions to show your experience in the industry. You do not need to be a professional model with an agency in order to be booked for this modeling opportunity. Make sure if you are a minor to have parent or guardian permission before submitting all of your information out. Best of luck to all of the talent!

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46 Responses to Model Call for Crest Toothpaste Advertisement

  • Lindsay says:

    I saw the crest commercial with the ex-girlfriend and loved it and plus I get tons of commpliments on my smile etc. and I would love to audition. I am very personal, bubbily, love people and life. I would love to know where to start to try.

  • Yakenya says:

    I just started to think of things I wanted to do and decided to apply. I too always get compliments on my smile and know it is one of my Beautiful features. I would love to be in an ad to share my smile with the world and hope it would be a start to many great things that are to come.

  • Kerbi Kane-Rodda says:

    Killer smile. Perfectly shaped white teeth. Work for Dentist. Pretty “Texas” features. Call me.

  • Calvin says:

    I am constantly stopped and given amazing complements on my skin, teeth,personality,and smile and I know that I will indeed be an amazing candidate for crest!!

  • Jamil Thomas says:

    Hello my name is Jamil and I have wonderful smile straight white teeth never needed braces and people give me compliments and ask how do I keep my teeth so white throughout the day. I do believe I could be a great asset to crest.

  • Nae Smith says:

    My 13 year old daughter has beautiful teeth, when she goes to the dentist she tells her go job. She has no cavities and her teeth are white and straigh. She would love to be in a crest commercial. She’s 5’6 African American and very beautiful. I’m trying to get her to crest but don’t know where to begin if anyone knows please let me.

  • jody says:

    Hi there, just curious how I do an audition for teeth modeling?



    • jennifer demmery says:

      Hello, I am very interested in auditioning for the crest commercial. Please contact me for photos.

      Kind regards

  • Bina says:

    Hey my dad works for P&G, and I get lots of compliments on my straight white teeth. I never get cavities and I’ll be willing to audition, thanks!

  • Carlie says:

    Hi! Very interested in being a crest model. Please contact me for professional pictures. Thank you!

  • Wendy says:

    Hello, not a day goes by young and old ask me are my teeth really my teeth? What do I use to take care of my teeth? My smile is the most beautiful smile every seem..I took it upon myself. Let me ask the expert. Looking forward meeting you all. Thanks. .

  • Shaletha Elam says:

    I am always told I have a beautiful smile, and white teeth. I once went to the dentist and he asked me did I get my teeth bleached. I laughed and just said that I use crest. He said that I should be on a crest commercial. Just want to show the world what a beautiful smile I have.

  • Michelle Higgins says:

    I am submitting this because my family, friends, and complete strangers have told me to send my picture in for a Crest commercial or ad. Everyone says my best feature is my smile and tends to be contagious so hopefully you’ll agree!

  • Lavelle says:

    Hi, I am from the Chicago land area and I work in the medical field. I am constantly coming into contact with people who compliment me on my teeth and my smile. Every time I smile patients say that I have such a beautiful smile. My co-workers and the ladies I work with say “he has pretty teeth doesn’t he”, as they explain to others.

  • Hi crest toothpaste ad:-). My friends and family members always tell me I have a beautiful smile why waste your talent. You have a smile that lights up the room. So they always tell me krystal why not do tv commericals and print ads? So here im signing up for crest toothpaste ad:-). I have a lot of energy, and the personality:-).I could send you a picture of my smile.

  • I am the perfect person for the job. Please see for yourself. Visit my Facebook page. Type in Debra Sherman

  • Silvio Adriano Filice says:

    Hi, I would love the opportunity to be apart of your advertising campaign. I’ve been told by my dentist, family, friends and complete strangers how perfect my teeth are and how nice my smile is. I have experience with photo shoots and I am comfortable in front of the camera.

    Thank you,


  • Bob says:


  • Addie Cyr says:

    Crest is the best, and I whole heartedly will flaunt the beautiful smile that crest whitening pro-health has given to me!

  • Angie bowsher says:

    Hey there Crest!!
    My name is Angie and I am a big supporter of Crest!! I use crest 3D every day for as long as I can remember! I Have a perfect white smile and beautiful face and personality to go with it!! I also have a personal professional photographer on my team that is willing to work with me as well as you on any and all requirements needed!! My dream is to be in a magazine to support a great product as well as show off my sparkling and bright smile to the world!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to write this reply and hope to hear from you soon!!!

  • Maryann says:

    Hello crest….My name is Maryann and i have never thought about auditioning for any commercials what so ever especially for teeth but i just don’t stop hearing from people weather its family,friends or complete strangers telling me how beautiful my teeth are and what a beautiful smile i have that i should do commercials for it. I don’t expect to hear from you guys but its not gonna kill me to try so here i am.

  • Wendy says:

    Its nothing like a beautiful smile that light up the room.

  • Darlene Turner says:

    Smiling is not only good for your health but overall well-being. In fact smiling not only affects the sender but the recipient. Sadly there’s a mass of people self conscious of their teeth, and I would love the opportunity to share my contagious smile with them! Thank you in advance for your time.
    Naturally, Darlene T.

  • The White-TEETH girl says:

    You know how Tina Turner has “those” legs, Mick Jagger – “those” lips; Elvis had that “hair” and Michael Jackson had “It”….I’m the girl with “those white teeth” – My teeth are a “must-see” and I am a TRUE Crest customer. My teeth are perfectly straight (no braces -ever) and EXTREMELY WHITE (no bleaching – EVER). Every time I change my profile picture on FB, most of the comments I receive are about my beautiful teeth. (I’m CUTE too though). How many likes would I have to get on FB for you to give me a try?

    If my teeth aren’t the whitest/straightest you’ve seen – by simply using your product ALL MY LIFE (I’m 48) – no dental surgery, etc… then I will give YOU $20!! (hey, I’m not a ‘big baller’).

    You have nothing to lose – and lots to gain.

  • mastur says:

    Hi there, You’ve done an excellent job. I’ll certainly digg it and personally recommend to my friends. I’m confident they will be benefited from this site.

  • #SEXYTEETH says:

    Some people have nice looking teeth some have super white teeth and you can replicate those things but having a great smile period, is a natural asset, either you have it or u don’t and that’s what I have, not to mention its sexy, and any marketing savvy business person knows sex sells..

  • Shelby Cullinan says:

    I have always wanted to be in a Crest commercial. I get complicated on my smile all the time and I feel like I would be the perfect fit. People have told me that I need to be in a Crest commercial. I only use your products and I love them!! I would love to be given the chance. Thank you!

  • Ciara Jarosch says:

    I get told everyday that I have a million dollar smile, and people remember me as “the girl with a smile!” I can light up a room with my smile it’s is so BIG, bright, and white.

  • Ellis Syke says:

    I’ve been told by everyone that I have perfect teeth! I used crest white strips and also, I have a nice tan, which brings out my teeth. My dream is to be on a tooth paste commercial! Thank you.

  • Davontae Nixon says:

    Im a 17 year old African American. I have very white and straight teeth. I would love to be on a crest commercial with my nice teeth.

  • Fernell Patterson Jr. says:

    Thank you for the opportunity. I was always told I have pretty teeth along with a pretty smile.

  • I’m looking for a direct link in which to send all my requirements. The only link ( form) I see is to be “submitted for “similar” acting auditions”. I only want to send my information for this one. Thank you in advance.

  • Maria Palomera says:

    Hi Everybody!!!!!! My name is Maria and I would like to have an opportunity to cast for the Crest Toothpaste Commercial. It is amazing how a smile with nice teeth makes a difference in someone’s life. I know because of my experience, I use to have really ugly teeth until I got braces! I use to not smile and wish I had a beautiful white straight teeth! Well guess what… Thanks to my amazing dentist and my 3D WHITE TOOTHPASTE my dream came true!!!! Now I can’t stop smiling and I feel so confident with my new smile, and believe me it makes a big huge difference!!!! Thank You doctor Palomera and Toothpaste company!!!!!!

  • Moni Montoya says:

    I always get complimented on my smile. An opportunity to do a toothpaste commercial would be a dream come true.

  • Jesus Medrano says:

    I was wondering if it was just limited to Caucasions and African American groups? I am Hispanic American, and also was interested in this opportunity. I get many compliments on my smile, and have always been interested in modeling for it.

  • Chelsea says:

    Great white smile :)

  • mandy says:

    Hello there
    Trust me with a smile like mine I will put the zest back into Crest.
    I have a super pearly white smile that light up the room with a big kaboom!
    So if you want to see Crest sales go through the roof believe me I am your proof.

  • I will like to be a part of this!

  • Taylor Ratliff says:

    Hi everyone my name is Taylor :) I love talking and showing off my smile.I have always wanted to be a crest model. I receive a lot of complimenrs about my smile and personality :)

  • Christianah says:

    I get a ton of compliments about my smile and how perfect my teeth are. I have been advised several times to audition for a toothpaste commercial, so HERE I AM! Lol

  • Luis Jimenez says:

    Hello Crest!

    I am a male, age 19 who has straightened teeth coming off Invisalign treatment. I have been using Crest 3D White Glamorous White Rinse and Crest 3D White Glamorous Toothpaste for over a year now and my teeth are in proper form and best shape. The results are so phenomenal that what I can do for your company is show it’s viewers that Crest products follow through with what they say and get the absolute best results and that it’s worth investing in upcoming products. Over the past year, I have had numerous compliments from random people to seeing my orthodontist every now and then that I have amazing teeth. I have been told quite a number of times that I should consider being a model and I thought to myself “Why not give it a try?”

    I have before and after pictures of not only my facial features and smile, but an entire inside look at my teeth from front and sides if you guys are interested in seeing them. Hope to hear from you guys soon!

  • Hello There,

    I am DEFINITELY interested in being a Model for Colgate! I have the Smile, the Personality and the Versatilty! I see as as everyone here I also get boat loads of comments in my Smile but it never gets old… I Love People, I Love seeing them Smile so spreading Cheer is my fortay.. Anyway, Pick Me! :)

    Love, Camile

  • Abir says:

    I have been told since a teen how beautiful my smile is and teeth are. I am in my early 30’s and hear these same compliments yet to this day. I have had two dentist ask me if I were interested in teeth modeling and were willing to pay for me to have professional pictures taken, and at the time I just blew it off but now I am really interested in perusing my career as a teeth model. I would love for you all and the world to see my teeth as well as me so you can get the full affect and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

  • My husband and I are always complimented on our teeth. Our friends always say that we look like a walking Crest commercial. So, I thought we might as well express interest in being in one. We don’t have any modeling experience per se, but are professional people and catch on quickly. We’d love to be considered or at least looked at!

  • I am often told that I am photogenic and my teeth are so straight and pretty. I have had braces before and I am glad I did so, because it brings out the better person in you more confidence. If I had the opportunity to show my smile off to you when advertising for Crest I would do it proudly and Im sure you will love it.

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