If you would like to be part of the Killer Karaoke-Tru TV Contestant Castings Casting Call in 2015 please leave a comment below and let us know why you should be considered.

Killer Karaoke-Tru TV Contestant Castings

Killer Karaoke Tru Tv

Killer Karaoke- tru TV

Described as the Wipeout of singing competitions, Tru TV has launched their new TV show Killer Karaoke. The show will be a U.S. version of British game show Sing If You Can and will be hosted by everyone’s favorite funny man Steve-O. Killer Karaoke will feature contestants trying to sing a hit song while being put through extreme, wild and unexpected physical challenges. We know Steve-O would go through with the challenges but the questions is would you? The casting directors at Tru TV are now casting for contestants that think that they can sing and have the courage to do some crazy challenges while showing off their singing skills.

Killer Karaoke is the truTV competition series which brings you karaoke fun with a twist. Contestants must fight to sing hit songs to their best ability while being put through insane challenges, with wild, fun, and dangerous obstacles in their way. See who can hold it together and hold their notes under pressure. Examples of distractions used on the original British series, which has celebrities as contestants, have included performing a song from a specially designed erupting volcano and doing a solo while having one’s chest waxed.

If you think that you have the courage to sing all while being put through some tough challenges than this is the show for you. The casting directors are now looking for male and female contestants over the age of 21 for Killer Karaoke. If you are interested in auditioning for the show we would like to hear from you. Submit your information along with a photo. Please keep checking back for more information on casting dates and times.


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60 Responses to Killer Karaoke-Tru TV Contestant Castings

  • Yvette says:

    I would LOVE to be on Killer Karaoke. I love karaoke and I like being scared!

  • Zeeshan Shamim says:

    want to take part

  • Taneisha Anderson says:

    I’m A Great Contestant Because I Love Singing And Love A Challenge #2015

  • Cody Whitmore says:

    I’ve always been wild. I’m the type of person that will do anything death defying just because someone says I can’t or won’t. I started singing karaoke 2 years ago, and I can’t get enough. Pick me please!

  • Keiara says:

    Hi! I’m 19 years old & full of energy! I love watching this show & I would love to expierience this. Please get back to me. I’m so excited that I have finally found how to sign up for the show!

  • Tiffany says:

    i would love to be a contestant please i have 2 babies and i could really use the money plus i want my kids to see how strong there mommy really is and how brave and talented i am as well. i am wanting to do this for my kids. i love them very much

  • Tyrone Miller says:

    Im ready lets do it

  • Tessa Dobranski says:

    Canadian girl ready to go!!! My name is Tessa, I am 21 years old and I would love to be a contestant on Killer Karaoke. I love to sing, and I am not afraid to let loose and have some fun. I am terrified of snakes and large spiders. But, I have a very bright, bubbly personality, and think I would be a good choice

  • Roger Marr says:

    I am Rogers wife I would like to enter my husband to be on this show he can sing and I likes to humiliated from a loving wife

  • cal says:

    I want my father in law on this show, how does he apply

  • Some very interesting stuff. It isn’t everyday I find something worth reading on the web.

  • Heather says:

    What part of “you have to be 21″ are people not getting?

  • Markos Timmons says:

    I’m not sure if you consider Canadians for this show but man ……do I have the guy for you!! My husband is an officer in a maximum security prison who thinks he is invincible. I’ m pretty sure if you wrapped a few snakes around him, his opinion would change pretty quick. He’s a fair singer…..definitely not going to quit his day job to take up a singing career but I think he could hold his own. There is nothing that the kids and I …….not to mention the other officers he works with, would do to see him suffer the wrath of Stevo. Hope you can make our “macho man” cry like a baby!

  • miriam best says:

    when are the auditions for 2013. . . I WANT TO BE A CONTESTANT, for i do my last name (best) at everything i do and definately works best under pressure. i will admit fears of the unknown would probably make me both freak out and cry.

  • John Andrews says:

    Oh yeah……. do your worst! pain is my middle name! Btw I do a few fast songs that would be excellent for the show…. One Week- bare naked ladies, handlebar- flobots, and many others. Like i said if you want a show stopper I’m game and would love to give ya’ll a fantastic show!!!!!!!! Give a shout!

  • John Andrews says:

    Hey guys I would love to be on the show. I know I’ve got what you guys are looking for. Former band choir geek that got a twist and made himself who he is. Now 6’5″, 180 lb, tatted , spiked hair , wonderful voice, from West Texas wants to give killer karaoke a shot. money doesn’t matter. It would be an awesome experience and i know i would win! Guaranteed to get you an audience. Give a fun loving radical cowboy a shot if you dare! seriously I look forward to hearing from ya’ll!

  • miriam best says:

    well. . . from the first commercial airing i have ever seen, i was in a bliss of laughing. singing has always and will be a favorite of mine, since i do everything as in my last name (BEST), that is what i plan to do if chosen. i will be waiting.

  • Monica Roccaforte says:

    I wanna be a contestant on your show I’m from Jersey and u know what they say bout Jersey lol Plus i wanna kiss STEVE O respond to me

  • mONICA Roccaforte says:

    I wanna be on the show cause i know i got what it takes to win lol plus i wanna KISS STEVE O email me and let me know

  • I think it would be a lot of fun. I love to sing and I’m always up for a challenge!!

  • antonio perez says:

    pick me pick me…i will put on a show

  • jennifer says:

    Im fifteen and I’m up for anything. I would love to see what Steve-o has to surprise me with.

  • Catarina Ashcraft says:

    Hi my name is Catarina, I am wanting to get my Fiance’s dad on the show. He is a huge fan of your’s and it would be great if he could be on this show. He watches the show every time it comes on and it would make his year if he could be aired on the show. just email me and let me know if he can be aired on the show doing something crazy. The only thing that scares him is Spiders. I can say im terrified of spiders too so i know how he feels. He likes country, rap, rock, alternative, and some metal. I do know he loves the song Sexy & I Know It by LMFAO, and he also likes Skin by Sixx A.M.. He is a goofball too so he would do anything. He doesn’t care to get humiliated either. He’s very outgoing and would do anything for fun. So Steve-O please email me and let me know if he would get entered into the show..

  • shay gregory says:

    I HAVE to be on the show. My son and I are commited to keeping the jackass legacy alive. Steve-O is the best one to make it happen. Plus he would love to be advised by a real jackass! I’d be less than a mom if I didn’t at least try to jump start my child’s dream

  • Im fourteen living in Montana born and rasied, huge tomboy i really
    dont care about mud, sweat, ice water or anything but spirders and clowns. The only reason a fourteen year old is doing this cause i want to show a prep girl that im better then her. The last reason is i want and i say i am a Jackass Jr.. So its cool if you dont pick me its cool Email me Steve-O(former Jackass stunt man – saw you sallow that goldfish and bring him back ALIVE!!!!)

  • Maria says:

    I do not miss Killer Karaoke ever, I loove this show and know I would be a great contestant for this show!!! I love singing karaoke on my own and to be on tv and do it would be even more fun!! I would really love to hear a response to come on the show, thanks!!!

  • Kim says:

    Love this.show.and love steve o. Would be azing for my husband to be on this show!

  • Norman Velasquez says:

    Hey Steve-O i wanna rock ur show man.. Dnt know how to sing but i accept the challenge.. Just choose me nd u wnt regret it..

  • Chris Stilwell says:

    Love the show and would love to get humiliated while trying to win money …def my kinda challenge …plain and simple

  • Aly says:

    Hey Steve-O I fckn love you im a huge fan and I want to be on your show so bad! Please email me (:

  • Gloria says:

    I would like to enter the contest. Please email me

  • Henley Plante says:

    Bring it on Steveo!!!

  • Henley Plante says:

    I am a good singer and I am not afraid of what steveo can bring!!! so bring it on steveo!!!!!

  • i am a transgender singer and actress so i think itll be fun to have someone diffrent

  • Dominique Betts says:

    I will love to be on your show. I love you Steve O

  • Nycole Heisler says:

    My husband and I did not stop laughing I would love a chance to be on your show. I would love the chance to do something way outside of the box please let me know how to get on and rock with the crazy Steve O !!!

  • Sonja B says:

    Pick Me Pick Me…I am one of a kind….I would love to be on this show. Not because I’m a Karaoke junkie but it would help get over a few fears. I’m not athletic and might not have the best voice you ever heard but I love to sing and will do almost anything for money.

  • Heather Basham says:

    Please pick me for the show! I’m a 23 yr old female, I work with animals, I’m an ok singer and gets scared easily… so it will probably be very entertaining. As long as it doesn’t mess up my hair or makeup, I will love to participate!

  • Ariel Charlowte Fluker says:

    I want to sing but I’m a cry baby when it comes to pain, insects, and dolls. I have a good voice and I would like to try this crazy show and meet you FINALLY!!! Just don’t do anything crazy to me. BRING IT ON

  • james h says:

    I would really like to enter to be one this show. Please email me. :-)

  • Sonny Barajas says:

    Steve O, bro… I dare you to pick me I just hope u find somthing I’m scared of. :)

  • angelina schulz says:

    hey stevo pick me i love a good dare and im not afraid of much by the way i still have our picture that we took together when you were down here in phoenix at the club downtown!!!!

  • Alysha Hatton says:

    Hi I’m Alysha and I’m not no red neck girl I still have ALL of my teeth! Usually I paint my toes unless I’m going crawfishing then I just let them eat that shit off me & no I don’t drive a truck!

  • Tiffany Cordell says:

    I watched the episode where the girl got slapped in the face with a fish and I like seafood so I’m COMPLETELY down for this show! Pick me Steve-O! ;)

  • christina geissler says:

    I have recently discovered your show, and I absolutely love it. I would very much Luke to be a contestant on your show. I am 36 and have been singing since the age of 5, and doing karaoke since 18.

  • madison bylak says:

    hi my name is Madison i just watched your show and i really like it i wanna sign up for it but im only 10 years old so i thought it would be cool if kids can do it too and im very funny athletic and like to take challanges so if yes please contact my mom at 708 382 1738 or angellabylak@aol.com

  • Kaitlyn E says:

    I Would love to be on this show. I have always loved karaoke and am a dare devil. Please email me!! Im from a small town in wyoming and would love to shock everyone!!!!!!!

  • Jeremiah Ruggless says:

    Ok so I believe you really need a redneck in your show. Enough with all the pretty boy and pretty girls. I can really give them all a run for the money. Place pick me to be on your show and I will show you what I mean.

  • Crystal Cooper says:

    I LOVE THE SHOW! Me and my sons cleared the floor with laughs on friday! Still LOLing Please contact me for a chance to make america Laugh!

  • Mike says:

    I had just watched the show, it’s awesome. I would love to be a contestant, Please email me

  • Theodore guzy says:

    I dare you to abuse me more than I abuse myself……. and i can sing too ……

  • Anthony brown Jr says:

    I would love to be on the show and i know i could get through any crazy situation and keep singing my song..PLEASE PICK ME I KNOW I CAN ROCK AND ROLL

  • Scott Mupo says:

    I would love to compete on Killer Karoake it looks like a blast

  • Zoe Zalpia says:

    How old do I have to be? Because I’m 16, (I know, that’s young.) I heard you have to be in your 20s of something… But I would literaly do ANYTHING to be on here. I’m brave and I’m a great singer and I’m funny when I wanna be. And damn, steve-o’s the best! And he’s hot…

  • michael says:

    Just watched our first episode of Killer Karaoke…ol boy getting electrocuted…hilarious!!!!! I want a shot!!!!! Good luck Steve O…hope the show gets picked up for much more seasons in the future.

  • I would like to enter to be one this show. Please email me

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