If you would like to be part of the America’s Next Top Model Auditions for CW Casting Call in 2015 please leave a comment below and let us know why you should be considered.

America’s Next Top Model Auditions for CW

AMTM Auditions

Casting for models for Americas Next Top Model on CW.


Cycle 18 of Americas Next Top Model is holding auditions for CW and will soon begin their search for the next star of the modeling industry! Do you think that you have what it takes? Could you be the next winner of America’s Next Top Model? Well this could be your year to change your life forever!
The show was created and hosted by Tyra Banks, who has been both Model and talk-show host. The show requires applicants to be at least 5’7″, between the age of 18 and 27 and a legal US citizen. Applications need to include all contact information and at least 1 recent photo or head shot. Not all talent who apply for this opportunity will have a chance to audition. The casting department is pretty rough and tough when it comes to choosing which talent to book for auditions.

Talent should definitely have the model look down and be comfortable working in front of a camera or audience depending on the difficulty of some of the tasks of the show. Do not come into this thinking it is easy. Not only is there a lot of work but you are away from home and away from things you are use to. You do not need to be a professional model, or do any high fashion, in order to be booked for this opportunity. At the end of the competition Tyra Banks will chose the actual winner. In order to be considered make sure all of your stuff is submitted together and on time. Best of luck to all of the models who submit themselves.

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57 Responses to America’s Next Top Model Auditions for CW

  • Erica Dozier says:

    Since I was a child I never thought I was good enough. My family did not have a lot of money an I lived in a house hold of 10. Growing up I was teased for being mixed races and l

    • Rayn Nigro says:

      It’s always been my mom and my dream to become model. I will do anything it takes to make my mother proud and become a model like she always wanted me too.

  • Erica Dozier says:

    Messed up on my last one but to make the story short I have a new found confidence and I told myself that if I get the opportunity to apply for this show I am going to take it!!!! Please select or send me audition info. :) I AM AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL

  • Amanda Garza says:

    Tyra, please put together an ANTM season for teens ages 13 to 17! I think it would be great fun to see teens with their horrible stage moms on TV! I am the first ANTM Teen!

    • Chianne Gibbs says:

      I totally agree with you because, I want to be on America’s Next Top Model and I’m 13, and what if it isn’t running when I turn 18. That could be my possible future going down the drain. They need to understand that teenagers can model too. Because if your modeling teen clothing, adults can’t model that. So they should completley have a cylce for teens!!!! :-)

  • Tashane Conyers says:

    I should be considered for the cw Americas Next Top Model because i always dreamed to be a model and have my name known in the modeling industry… i’m very photogenic and i love fashion… also i never give up and i accept criticism very well

  • rholanda says:

    I been dreaming of an opportunity like this for a long time. I think being a model would bring new life and make other dreams come to light as well.

  • Tiana Cohill says:

    I should be consideedr for the CW American Next Top Model because as a child I’ve always been known or looked at as my families little model and it stuck with me. My family really have faith in me in acomplishing my dreams, even when I have times in my life where I wanna give up cause of money situations, they always told me to never give up. I have a small amount of modeling experience; I just applied for the American Mall Model Search and they called me, it was the happies day of my life i was so scared that i wasn’t going to make it to the next round but I did. The time I was called was also a time in my life were i was struggling and didnt have any money nor support so of course I didn’t get to finish what i started. That day made me just give up on trying cause i know i will never get the money to even become a model. As I grown up I think I’m ready to meet my dreams and show the world that im cable of becoming American Next Top Model i’ve watch every season and i’m ready to acompish all my fears and make my family proud.

  • CHRIS DENT says:


  • Niquca Davis says:

    I feel that I shoud be ANTM! I believe I have what it takes all my family & friends say i should go for it & i would be honored for the opportunity. Modeling is something i always wanted to do, unfortunately i dont have enough funds to pursue my dream but if you would just give me a chance i promise you want be dissappointed.



  • Brianna Giordano says:

    My name is Brianna Giordano and I want to be America’s Next Top Model. I have always dreamed of being a model and feel this would be my opportunity to be discovered and just overall have an amazing experience. I am energetic and hard-working and my dream would come true if I were part of ANTM.

  • tierra Phillips says:

    First off, I want to say hello and thank you for the opportunity of letting me express my reasonings for being on the show. I have always been true to my size as a little girl till now. I have been teased, talked about by my peers and family as well of being to skinny; the love ones who I thought was suppose to hold me and comfort me for situations of being teased and etc. Now that I’m of age and learned how to handle those type of situations, I know America’s Next Top Model is for me. It has always been a dream to put what people told me that was not tight and cool into work. I’m very passionate and sweet, I’m a peoples person and I listen which is key to the person thats conducting business. If you give me this honor of being on the show I Promise you all will love me…I’m very pleasant..Thank you so much, and I hope to hear from you…

  • Dominique Stacks says:

    I know i have what it takes to become America’s Next Top Model, why.? Because its all i know and this has been a dream of mines, i have been an aspiring model since the age of 16 years old, i have a few professional pictures taking when i was younger but i had put it aside so i can finish High-School i am now ready to be put up for the challenge, im ready to do whatever it takes to be AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL, <3. -Dominique Myoko-

  • tamira crane says:

    I just want say I love who the person I’m today j been through a lot never had nice thing growing up mg mother had 7 children in she did it in her own growing up in life it wasn’t perfect I always dream if being on tv just being something good in life but my dream was waste I had a hard life once I for older in life didn’t finish high school I didn’t have a role model to look up to growing up but the peoples I c on tv my black strong people I’m just trying to make it In life for my daughter could be that my mother in she did it I can do it

  • Tamekia McDavid says:

    I’am very smart , outgoing, and confident!!.. i love modeling and, would love to be able to experience it with you!.. I’am beautiful tall, funny and , a people person. always up to try new transitions in my life. enjoy taking pictures and just being me.!

  • jasmine says:

    I’m beautiful on the in and outside. I’m a single mother of three D
    espite all that, it don’t look like it! No but on the serious side of things I love to model. Plus I’m not hard to get along with. I know this is a great Opportunity . So I would appreciate it if you gave me ah shot.

  • chelsi powell says:

    I’ve heard a picture is worth a thousand words it’s true! i’ve gone through a lot but modeling is my destiny. I didn’t have the courage to apply until today but i know i have the ambition and talent to be on america’s next top model, and the looks are just a plus! :p I love traveling and meeting new people. If you give me this opportunity i promise i will stay focused. I love competition and i never refuse a challenge i wil put my all into it & if i don’t win then i will bow down gracefully. -CHELSI POWELL

  • Julisa says:

    hello tyra my name is julisa styles i am 17 and i will be 18 in march i cant wait to be on your reality show i am ready i know i can do it i been model for two years i know that now alot of experience but i am willing to try and do what ever i have to do to achieve. i have high self esteem i am ambtious i am an loving giving person i am very unique as well i am very anxious to be on your show :)

  • Alexandra Parra says:

    Hello! My name is Lexie I’m 20yrs old I’m a successful business woman.I Grew up in a broken home where my family couldn’t provide for me so i started working at 14yrs old. I started my own restaurant in Orem Ut called The Roll Up cafe and I’ve started designing my own cloths. But my dream has always been to become Americas Next top model. I have always watched your show and truly admire your Educated sophisticated Personality. I’m Such a hard worker i know you wouldn’t regret giving me a hand. I am Also a singer songwriter and am so outgoing. I promise you wont regret having me on your show. thank you for your consideration!

  • Timara Blair says:

    Hello, Im Timara K. Blair. When I seek special opportunities like this, I tend to try my best to do what it takes to be succesful. I have alwaya wanted to become a model and I feel that this is the perfect opportunity for me to grab and run with it. I am 5’8 and there are reasons for being tall. The first is modeling second is playing basketball. Im not good at basketball at all but I have all the perfect features of a model. From my perspective, modeling is the only thing for young 18 yr old like me. This is all I want.

  • Teyana White says:

    Modeling is something that i have always wanted to do . I hope that i will get a chance to show everyone just how good i am. I tried out for ANTM a few years back and i was not ready yet. now i am older with more confidence and i also want it more than anything else meaning i am willing to put in the time and effoort that it takes to make it in this industry

  • Teyana White says:

    Modeling is something that i have always wanted to do . I hope that i will get a chance to show everyone just how good i am. I tried out for ANTM a few years back and i was not ready yet. now i am older with more confidence and i also want it more than anything else meaning i am willing to put in the time and effort it takes to make it in this industry.

    Thank you for your time and consideration

  • Telisha says:

    TYRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girl we gon fight! I have messaged you, and even wrote you on Facebook! And nothing!!!!! You said, you wanted Fierce…and I lacked it…You said You wanted Confidence and I brought it Entirely! Because when I realized that I didn’t have my social security card at hand those people would not let me in and I drove from Fort Pierce all the way to Miami in hopes of becoming America’s Next Top Model, but I didn’t have my social security info and it took my consistency and one staff memeber to let me audition after I never gave up and I WOULDNT GO HOME. That was a 2 hour drive…lol! And here I’ am again itching, evening smizing while I’m writing just so I feel like someone will care about this message. Tyra! I’ve got it, and I need your help girl… I’m not telling you my sob stories no not now! But just give me a chance and You will Understand Why I NEED THIS SOOOO MUCH!!!!!

    Age: 20
    Ethnicity: African American/Black Bahamian
    Body Type: Slim/Slender
    Hair: Short (Mushroom cut)
    Skin: Brown
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Telephone: 7729853425
    Email: anderson.telisha@gmail.com


    Height: 5″10
    Weight: 145
    Bust: 34 Cup: A
    Waist: 27
    Hips: 32
    Dress: 4
    Shoe: 10

  • Lynella Chin says:

    Hi, my name is Lynella chin and I am 25 years of age and I am willing to do my best at becoming Americas Next Top Model. I am a very self motivated person and very ambitious, and I look forward to seeing you soon.

  • Aneesah says:

    Hi. My name is aneesah. I am not 18. I’m actually 12 gonna be 13 on march 19th. However all my family told me I should audition because of my height and my physical features. I am 5’11 and my dream is to become a model. I am not a typical skinny girl but not fat either. I am in between. Because of my height I get bullied alot. So I would like to show the world who I can really be and that I am a beautiful young lady and that I shouldn’t be bullied for being tall. Thats the main reason why I want to be on Americas next top model !
    Thank you !

  • Talissia Ross says:

    My name is Talissia Ross. I have just turned 22 on March 1,1990. If you pick me to be on America’s Next Top Model I will Not Let You Down. I am a Singer/Songwriter, Dancer/choreographer(I do all kinds of dancing), and I Act a little. I am very creative and I am really great to work with (so I heard). I am a very hard worker butI also know when to have some fun. I like to have challenge. Thank You For Taking The time Out To Read This. I Hope You Pick Me.

  • Rashonda Smith-Livingston says:

    I should be chosen for an opportunity to be America’s Next top model because I’m ambitious and determined. I’m not going to sit here and a into detail about my trials I’ve gone through because truth be told test and trials comee in our live’s to prepare us for some thing better in our lives. I have high hopes of becoming America’s Next Top Model because npt only do I have what it takes but I’m am an all around fierce type of gal!I have a beautiful personality and if you all choose me I’ll be glad to indudlge

  • Rashonda Smith-Livingston says:

    I should be chosen for an opportunity to be America’s Next top model because I’m ambitious and determined. I’m not going to sit here and get into detail about my trials I’ve gone through because truth be told,test and trials come in our live’s to prepare us for some thing better in our lives. I have high hopes of becoming America’s Next Top Model because not only do I have what it takes but I’m am an all around fierce type of gal!I have a beautiful personality and if you all choose me I’ll be glad to indulge you in it! I want more than to be just another pretty model or face I want young girls/women every where to look at me an know that they can from exactly where I came from nothing,being homeless,living in cars,being abandoned,neglected and have went from foster home to foster home and still be SOMEBODY that can make a difference!!Thats my goal when and if I become America’s Next Top Model. But even if I dont thats definitly still my goal!:). Thats why I’m currently in school majoring in Social Work. My dream is to own my own non profit organization that ENDS poverty or to be apart of one that helps young women to strive for what they want in life whether it be with education,housing,couseling,etc! I want to be that woman to make that diference.:),,,Now enough about me telling you guys what I want let me tell you all what you should want,which is me!I’m 5’9 in height,128 pounds in weight,I’m 21 years of all African American beauty:),I have brown eyes,black hair,caramel skin. I was born and raised in none other than Chicago Ill. I now reside in Austin tx but I look forward to relocating for a chance to become America’s Next Top Model!!SO PLEASE PICK ME AND I PROMISE YOU WON’T BE DISSAPOINTED!! P.S GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE BEAUTIFUL CONSTESTANTS AS WELL!!:)

  • Shana Wofford says:

    My name is Shana Wofford. I am a young vibrant ambitious model seeking to take my modeling career further and allow me to network as I continue my academic studies. Modeling is a dream of mines and I just want to work hard and accomplish this dream!

    *********MY WORK*******
    *Abonna Girl Co. Fashion Show
    Theme: “Purple Masquerade”

    * Promotional Event Presented Laugh Out Loud comedy show hosted by comedian Ray Lipowski and a host of other comedians!!

    * Forever21 Summer Bikini Line Fashion Show/Competition

    * Runway Fashion show for V-Classified (Prt.2)
    Theme: “Chic Confections”

  • Ambrose Kowitz says:

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  • kaylee rodriguez says:

    just pick me iam awesome

  • Rolonda Garrett says:

    Hi I am Rolonda an I am interested in becoming a part of The Americas Next Top Model every since I was a young girl. I have dreamed/thought of being model for many years an have had classes under the school Barbizon Modeling Acting and talent, which allowed me the opportunity to be apart of The International Modeling & talent Association, which I became the swimwear M3 winner, however I haven’t gotten the chance to show my passion for Modeling as of now, so if you feeling that I have a chance of becoming a candidate for Top Model I would be very grateful. Thank you so much Rolonda Garrett–Email Rolonda21@yahoo.com

  • I am currently signed with Nxt Models in Denver Colorado. Please visit my Facebook for more pictures and Reels. I would be honored to be ANTM :)

  • Gina says:

    Huge passion in modeling and music. Hope to be magically considered! Thought I would go for the unthinkable, we’ll see what happens. :)


  • Stephanie Barnett says:

    23 years old
    Blue/green eyes, they do what they feel
    Light brown hair, but can pull off dark and blonde
    From PA, pretty outgoing and out there personality
    Fun, optimistic, athletic and funny
    I’m not the super skinny girl, I’ve recently started going to the gym again, but to get my athlete body back. Healthy is the new sexy

  • amber rayford says:

    I should most definitely be casted for America’s next top model , because I am beautiful I have alot of confidence and this is my dream ! I know i have what it takes to be AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL

  • Sasha Cine says:

    Modelling is my passion. For years, I have watched many girls and guys compete for America’s Next Top Model, wondering if I could be one of those women on television styled in the best designer’s clothes. At this point in my life, I am ready to branch out and explore the things that I love. Fashion art is gorgeous! Having the opportunity to model would be a dream come true.

  • Erika says:

    i have watched americans next top model since i was around the age of 14 . I am currently turning 18 soon to be 19 on september 20th of this year 2014 . I have always had a dream of being able to Compete with beautiful woman an make it to the top , so I can fulfill my dreams of being a model . Although I am not the hight (5’2’ft) that is required , I can assure you that if you where to pick me I would not let you down. I’m very determined to follow my dreams and get as far as i can to complete this dream.

    I am very photogenic I take pictures everyday of my self everyday for social media websites. I can smile with my eyes which is a big plus in Tyra’s book from what i have seen


  • alexis says:

    My birthmark is on my right cheek and i think its unique and different

  • lalaysha ingram says:

    I should be the first Americas next top model teen because its been my dream to model i am 5’7 im pretty im very confident very competitive very outspoken and always camera ready im 95pounds Maybe a few more but i deserve to be the first Americas next top model teen

  • lisa bernard says:

    i will be yours for the shaping.

  • lisa bernard says:

    my first comment last night was awesome, do you have it

  • HRA says:

    please email me an email address so I can send pics
    exotic look
    brown eyes

  • Shikyria jenkins says:

    Hi my name is shikyria Jenkins and i am interested in becoming America Next Top Model every since i was ten years old. In beautiful and definly have the talent for it i promise if you pick me i would not let you down.Growing up in my house is not easy because every time i look around people talking about me because i sing in choir but this is my chance to show people just please pick me you would never regret it.

  • Carole Malcolm says:

    Hello, my name is Carole Malcolm, but I go by Cammei. I am currently a Junior in High School, except I’m homeschooled. I’ve majored in theatre at my old highschool, and I have been in plays such as:Once Upon A Mattress, Macbeth, A Year With Frog and Toad, and Disney’s Junior Beauty and the Beast. I also did a show at my highschool that us students wrote ourselves.
    I am 5’10 and I have blue eyes. I am very pale, and my hair can be whatever color you would like it to be.
    During my free time I love playing piano, playing ukulele, singing for my church, painting, drawing, cosmetology, and readin and writing. I practicly own my own library.
    I do plays a lot at our local theatre PACT, and I help out with the coyunes and makeup a lot too!

    Thanks for trading!

  • hey tyra itz yohana i have done so many auditions for other websites,either they never reply or i dont get i want this soooooooo bad:)

  • Eric Hagler says:

    I always wanted to be on your show and you only had girls and now I’m not in theage your looking for but if you ever get people who are in my age group I would love to be on the show because I am America’s next top model. …

  • Anastasia Smith says:

    hi i would love to be on Americas next top model because i’m short and really good at looking fantastic and stunning in all of my pictures and i would please like a shot at this it would totally be like tons of fun and i also make allot of people smile so pleas may i be casted for Americas next top model cycal 22 PLEASE

  • Raynell Evans says:

    This is more than my dream I’ve felt this is a passion that has always been with me. Not seeing to many people that looked like me on billboards and magazines. Beauty comes in all shades and seizes . I was once steered away from chasing my dream but now that I’ve over come those bumps in the road it’s new to late to do something you love.

  • Shawn Jackson says:

    I am promoting my young brother, I think he has great potential. Sometimes all a person needsus a push and an opportunity. He’s young with a bright future and had what it takes to execute any situation that comes in his life.

  • Please do another petite cycle!!!!!

  • Danielle Carroll says:

    Greetings beautiful fellow models, clients and scouts! I’m Danielle Marie- friends call me Dee- out here representin in the South Jersey. (Guess I’m Rapper/Model now? Haha) I live about 10 minutes outside of Philadelphia, 45 from Atlantic City and an hour and a half from NYC…which ROCKS my socks because I loveeeee being on the move. I’m currently signed with an agency called Colby/Kaybach model management (Colby/KMM). They mentioned that there would be an upcoming casting/auditions for ANTM soon and recommended that I hop on it! Therefore, I’d obviously love to express my interest in this kick-ass opportunity! Although I’m a full-time teacher, over the years I’ve had the opportunity to take part in some amazing portfolio/experience-building gigs. I’ve worked as a brand ambassador and done promo modeling; I’ve done some runway and fashion events; quite a bit of modeling; some bridal modeling and a variety of commercial print- but even with all that considered I still have a lot to learn! I’d certainly still consider myself as “aspiring” and even as a newbie to the biz! I’m 27 years old (ancient, I know!) But i guess you can just consider me a little “late to the game.” With all that said I was EXTRA pumped when ANTM bumped the age limit up but then reality smacked me hard, realizing this is probably my last chance!! But true story, I literally grew up watching ANTM religiously and CariDee English is my idol and hero for life. Watching all of these amazing women over the years and studying their each and every move, struggle, triumph, etc. has pushed me into finally pursuing what I thought I could only watch on TV and making it reality! Now I can confidently say that it’s my turn and I’m biting the bullet! Time to take a shot and show ‘em what I got! So…I’m 5’8, slim build, 120 lbs, Caucasian, Olive-type skin tone, Hazel eyes, shoulder-length Auburn hair (which has the potential to be quite red at times, mostly likely after hair shows…my most recent being for Pravana Vivids as my picture will attest!). My measurements are 36C, Small (0-2) Shirt Size, 25/26 (0-2) Pant Size with a Long/Extra Long inseam (usually 35-37 depending on elasticity). I’m high energy, dedicated, open to trying new things, super versatile, and mega fierce :) Lets get this party started!

  • I’m 17 and would like to know if you would consider doing a teen episode of the America’s Next Top Model.

  • Audrina Williams says:

    Im GORGEOUS! I have a heart and soul for modeling. My aunt told me when I was 13 to try out! I love Tyra! Everything about her. I believe you will be impressed. Ive actually applied and sent in 3 photos. Ill be ANTM!!

  • Megan Sturdivant says:

    Since your show came on I have been wanting to be a part of it. My family and friends always tell me I was meant to be a model. This would be the perfect opportunity for me to show the world I’ve got what it takes. I’m 5’7 and I have a carmel complexion. I wear a size 7 or 8 and I wear it well. Please take me into consideration because I can’t wait to get started.

  • Rayn Nigro says:

    It’s always been my mom and my dream to become model. I will do anything it takes to make my mother proud and become a model like she always wanted me too.

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