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Feature Film Auditions for “Safe”

Movie Auditions for "Safe"

Movie “Safe” looking for talent for various roles.

The upcoming feature film auditions for the movie “Safe” are coming up. “Safe” is directed by Boaz Yakin and starring “transporter” star Jason Statham is currently filming scenes for the film in the streets of downtown Philadelphia. The film will follow Jason Statham’s character who plays a former elite agent that rescues an abducted Chinese girl who is only 12 years old. Continue reading

Auditions for “The Dark Knight Rises”

"The Dark Knight Rises" Auditions

Casting call for talent and extras for “The Dark Knight Rises”

Christopher Nolan is back at it again, with the third edition to the Batman Series featuring Christian Bale as the Dark Knight once again! This will be the final chapter in the Nolan’s Batman film series, and in this one the film will finally portray the infamous villain Bane & Selina Kyle, AKA Catwoman.  Nolan was hesitant to create a third and final film for the series, thanks to his collaboration with his brother David Goyer, her finally felt comfortable creating this film because it would end the series on a more satisfactory note. Filming has literally taken place all over the world, including LA, London and India but the filming will finish up scenes in the U.S. and they are seeking some talent to fill in as extras and a possible chance to have a few small lines in the film as well as a business men and women, and reporters. Continue reading