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Disney Channel Holding Auditions for “Lab Rats”

Disney Channel Auditions for "Lab Rats"

Looking for talent for Disney Channel.

The Disney Channel XD series Lab Rats is a new show that will center around Leo, a teenager who happens to find 3 “Superhumans” in the basement of his house that he currently lives in with his mother and stepfather, Tasha and Donald. The “Superhumans” each have their own unique skill, Adam, has strength, Bree, has the speed and Chase, is the one with super intelligence and also helped convince Leo let the three “Superhumans” come to school with him in hopes of living a normal life. The show is created by Chris Peterson, Bryan Moore and Mark Brazil. Continue reading

FOX – Glee


Glee- FOX

Glee, the American musical comedy-drama is preparing for a few new seasons on FOX. The show was such a success that the series most certainly will be around for a few years to come. We know there are a ton of “GLEEK’S” out there who have been waiting patiently for a chance to join the amazing cast on the show. Well here is some great news, the hit show is now holding casting calls & auditions for new aspiring singers to be featured on the new season on FOX & possible recurring roles for the show Continue reading

Nick Jr – Yo Gabba Gabba

Yo Gabba Gabba

Yo Gabba Gabba

Every kids favorite show is now seeking new talent for their show! The hit show that features Host DJ Lance Rock, (Lance Robertson), and brings the awesome puppet characters to life in a colorful land of laughs, song and dance. The show has also featured some amazing special guests including Jack Black, The Roots, And Samberg, Elijah Wood and many more.Yo gabba gabba is both educational & entertaining!

It has astonishingly gained much popularity with the older crowds like teenagers, college students & parents who have found themselves entertained by the style, bright colors and story lines.

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Showtime – Homeland Castings


Homeland- Showtime

New Showtime programming chief David Nevins has given the series pilot order for “Homeland,” which will be filmed in and around the Charlotte, NC area in January. The production is currently casting principal actors in Los Angeles, and also casting extras in North Carolina to appear on the show.

There will be an open casting call, and talent can also submit via email or postal mail.

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TLC – LA INK Castings



LA’s favorite homegirl is back on her turf and she is interested in inking unique and entertaining people who are celebrating a victory, commemorating a loss, continuing a saga or just want AMAZING ART on their bodies!

We are currently casting for upcoming shows.If you want a kick-butt tattoo by the best in the biz write us

Background of the show LA INK:

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