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Feature Film “World War Z” Casting Call

Feature Film "World War Z"

Casting talented actors for Brad Pitt Film “World War Z”

In search of talented actors who would be interested in exploring some acting in a feature film “World War Z” starring Brad Pitt and director Marc Forster. “World War Z” explored the life of a U.N. employee who is racing against time and his fate while he is trying his best to save the rest of the human species from a Zombie pandemic. How scary! Director Marc Forster, is known for his work in the 2011 feature “Machine Gun Preacher” as well as the Academy Winning film “Monster’s Ball” from 2001. So there is no doubt in producers minds that he will have the audience biting their nails and at the edge of their seats connecting with the story that he presents them with. Continue reading

Auditions for Will Ferrell Film “The Internship”

"The Internship" Feature Film Auditions

Major casting calls for Will Ferrell and Owen Wilson film “The Internship”

Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell are back in the motion picture comedy “The Internship” which is set to release some time next year. “The Internship” is about two men who are laid-off and in the 40s doing their best as interns at a successful Internet company where their managers are in their 20s, and bossing them around like they are the youngsters of the place. Unfortunately they don’t have much of a say since they are the interns and kind of have to do as they are told. “The Internship” stars Will Ferrell, Rose Byrne, Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Dylan O’Brien. Continue reading

Casting Call for Talent for Johnny Depp Film!

Disney Film "The Longer Ranger" Casting Call

Talent needed for Johnny Depp film “The Lone Ranger”

Have you thought to explore the film industry with Johnny Depp? This may be your perfect opportunity to reach that success. Looking for actors and extras to be in the brand new upcoming film “Longer Ranger” starring Johnny Depp! The actor plays a Native American spirit warrior named Tonto who tells the story that was never told of a man of law who turned into a legend, his name… John Reid. How cool does this movie sound! This action adventure driven drama feature is set to hit theaters later next year and is in production. Silver Bullet Productions and Jerry Bruckheimer Films is responsible for this great creation! Continue reading

Casting Call for Proactiv Commercial

Proactiv Solutions Commercial Audition

Major casting call for upcoming celebrity Proactiv Commercial

Do you have great skin? Have you used PROACTIV to get your skin to good shape? Then we need you! Booking now for models and actors and regular teens and young adults for a brand new Proactiv Solution commercial! The over the counter skin treatment is for mild forms of pimples and acne. It has been on the circuit for marketing since 1995 and has been marketing via celebrities, singers, actors, musicians, and models since then. Over the past 10-15 years the brand has really climbed the strasophere when it comes to how many customers acquired over the years. Continue reading

“Argo” Feature Film Starring Ben Affleck Casting Call

Feature Film "Argo"

Casting call for brand new Ben Affleck feature film “Argo”

A CIA specialist goes on a mission to save 6 Americans who have been sheltered at the home of a Canadian ambassador in this brand new feature film starring Ben Affleck called “Argo”. Casting call is underway for extras and actors. Talented people only wanted for some re-shoots and scenes which need to be finalized. Director and actor Ben Affleck plans to come back for another hit, after his directing and acting recent work on “The Town” which did great at the box office. “Argo” stars Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, and John Goodman.  Continue reading

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