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Extreme Home Makeover

Extreme Home Makeover

Extreme Home Makeover- ABC

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  1. my family and I are desperate for your help at extreme would take so many pages to explain our unfortunate situation with our unusually put together family from my brother and I that have had cancer.he didn’t survive,but fortunately I did,but the debt that we’ve but put into and losing the battles of financial problem are causing home and vehicle to fall completely apart. I would need an entire day to explain what a chrises that were in. and have no hope to get out soon with a 3,15,16 and a 39 yr old fighting 3rd stage breast cancer. my mom is 64 and trying to take on what most 20year olds can’t even do,so please send me an application or a chance to explain this exhausting but horrible story of the last twoyrs of my families life.thank you so much to take the time to read this. it means so much if someone could give us a hand to get out of this struggle that seems to just keep getting worse.Rhonda number is 8709190219 my moms name is SharonForeman.we live in walnut ridge Arkansas…thank you

  2. my family and I are desperate for your help at extreme would take so many pages to explain our unfortunate situation with our unusually put together family from my brother and I that have had cancer.he didn’t survive,but fortunately I did,but the debt that we’ve but put into and losing the battles of financial problem are causing home and vehicle to fall completely apart. I would need an entire day to explain what a chrises that were in. and have no hope to get out soon with a 3,15,16 and a 39 yr old fighting 3rd stage breast cancer. my mom is 64 and trying to take on what most 20year olds can’t even do,so please send me an application or a chance to explain this exhausting but horrible story of the last twoyrs of my families life.thank you so much to take the time to read this. it means so much if someone could give us a hand to get out of this struggle that seems to just keep getting worse.Rhonda Barr.

  3. annatowia vincent // May 11, 2015 at 9:40 am // Reply

    Hello, i am a veteran and a first time home buyer. I purchased a home in December 2007 in the city of Midfield Al. I had my home inspected prior to moving in. Originally I lived here alone, so I didn’t us as much water or electricity, in 2011 I had someone move in with a child. From 2011 to present I’ve had to rewire my electrical work. My lights went out and when i had it checked my home was wired with speaker wire. so i had to get everthing rewired. later my plumbing on my bath tub, my pipe from my bathtub was cut off about a foot down and the water from the shower was filling up under my home, later to find out the same with the kitchen sink and dishwasher. I had them repaired. the ground was so soft that i held a long handle shovel on it and it sink without pressing it down all the way to the top tip. I was doing laundry a week ago and I noticed water bubbling up in my yard, thinking that the same thing is going on with my wasing machine, im afraid that I’m now living over a sink hole. I love my home and we have nowhere else to go. The insurance company won’t help me. The previous home owner has no help for me. The realestate agency won’t help me. Me and my family is always in the emergency room with something going on. I do work and I always pay my house note. this home is sold to me for 100,000 and it’s listed as 81,500 I can’t afford to continue with the repairs. we love our home PLEASE!!! help me and my family

  4. Christine clarke // April 16, 2015 at 5:54 am // Reply

    Hey ABC I would like u to help me out of problem my mother bought a house but now that my mother pass away this people want to put us out of this house we have no where to go so please help us I am in matrix this year and don’t still want a lot of stress so please help me out ABC we need ur help today or tomorrow anytime but plz just help us out we dnt have family to go to because both mother and father pass away please help thanked you for reading my application we need of help thank you ABC

  5. My wife and me are raising our three grandchildren, 10,12 and 13. We receive no financial help with them. We live in a 1910 farm house that has very poor insulation in it. I just had surgery for prostrate cancer and also just found out I have multiple deteriorated discs in my neck causing other problems. I have applied for disability at this time. We also have a son and his two kids staying with us on the weekends, due to him going through a divorce. The house is drafty and too small for everyone. Our electric bill is running us $750 a month right now, in the winter. I don’t have the funds and can’t do the work myself to improve our situation. We really need help to make it.

  6. On behalf of my grandma and grandfather they are to wonderful people who helped the community by adopting over a 100 kids in the state of Michigan and till this day they still try to get my grandma to adopt more kids but do to the health of my grandparents they can’t do it and because of their medical bills they can’t repair there home rotten floor basement walls leaking sealing leaking Windows are forty yearsoold some are broken roof has never been repair siding is very old and Warren down I been trying to get help for them through the state of Michigan she opened her home to it frustrating because all the work she have done for the community and you can’t get help from them I am just trying to get help to repair there home to make things more comfortable for them so she can spend more time wi family with no worries about the house so they can be more relaxed we family and friends come over to visit

  7. Hello my name is Richard Bolyard I live in a 2 bedroom trailor that is following apart and I live with my girlfriend who is disable so I have to take care of her and my 2 children, My daughter is 10 years old and her name is kasey and my daughter has breathing problems and my son is 11 years old and his name is richard bolyard jr. I have my father kiving with me too. My floors are falling i have big holes in the floor and we don’t have heat and we don’t own the place we rent is there anyway we can get help please

  8. Hey ABC my name is Anna and i am submitting. this request. on behalf of my mom, stepdad, and younger. brother (17) who are in desperate need. The. The place/ trailer they are living in is falling to peices. The floors. are falling in ( and patched up my my stepdad) there is black mold everywhere ..and the floors are plywood with no carpet is being warmed by an old wood stove and cooled. by window. airconditioners and fans.I am so concerned of the safety and health of my mother and her family. My stepdad is a diabetic and had fibromyalgia and breathing problems mom is a diabetic also and they all are constantly sick with upper respiratory issues . My younger brother suffers from migraines..My mother is such a hard working, caring,and considerate person ! She deserves. a place to relax,be live healthy, and enjoy. life! My mother i mother supports her family due to my stepdad being disabled. from work. She is a teachers assistants at the North Carolina. School. for the Deaf and is more than involved with her work. My mom loves her her students. as her own and does mpre for them and the school. than most people. even begin to realize. There have been many instances of the state wanting to close the school. because. of funding..but my mother. has stood. by the school. and fought with many others to keep it open. a year at a time. Hopefully. if this one goes through. ABC can help with this fight as well..Along with deaf friends the deaf school is the only thing left in our community. that the deaf people. have left! This is their. culture. and their home..people all over the US return “home” every. year to their. school for there. homecoming ..reuniting with old deaf friends. its something. they look foward to! We can’t let this be taken away. As for my mom she continues to stand by it and volunteer and contribute by helping with fundraisers and events to earn money for fun for the students. when the state is unable to provide .Not only is my mom invoved with her students she is completely. involved with her family. especially. her grandkids..she loves them very much and wants. so bad to be able to spend more time with them.. She wants them to be able to “visit Nana”..but due to the circumstances and conditions of the home these visits are very limited ..Also me her only daughter was just recently diagnosed with Systemic Lupus ..this. is a chronic. auto immune. disorder ..which makes visitation. even more limited due to the nature of the environment. in the home..My mom does not deserve this heartache. ABC!! she has done so much and it is my turn to do something. for her in return !! Please help my mom and her fam to be happy..please give her a healthy home and a place for her grandchildren and children to come and relax with her..Thanks ABC…From all the Beaches!!

  9. Hi, my name is Betty Thayer and I own and operate an Adult Day Heath Center in Hadley, Ma. Many of my clients who are elderly, or mentally challenged, live in situations that are not the best for them. They get neglected, mistreated, and sometimes abused. Some of them go for days without enough to eat, appropriate seasonal clothing, proper medical treatment and no support system in place. For 13 years I have run my daycare and done the best I could for my clients. My center is a day program, and even though I know when they are with me, my caring staff meets their needs, I worry about them nights, week ends and holidays. Most of my clients have MassHealth, so they don’t have the means to live on their own. Some of the conditions they live with makes my heart break. One client recently told me that the owner of the rest home where she lives, was upset over the $200 water bill, so she told all the residence they could only shower two times a week and that she was going to lock the showers. I have heard many sad stories and wish I could do more. My wish is to have a big house where many could live under the same roof, share common space and have 24/7 caring staff to be there for them. One of my staff suggested I contact Extreme Makeover to see if maybe this would be the kind of project you might be interested in. I have been an R.N. for 21 years and have done this type of work most of that time. I love all my clients and treat them all like family. To have this dream of a home for many of them would be such a awesome thing!!! Thank you for your time. Betty Thayer, R.N. Director of Thayercare, Inc. Hadley, MA 01035

  10. hi my name is gail hummel I have five children one of them is in prison before he left the house the house was a mess an I had to pay a lady 300 dollars a day to take care of them not even counting grocey if I did not do that they wouldn’t be here today I have so many health problem like gall stones that doctors cant takeout I have kidny problems I cant even make it to the bathroom I only have one bathroom which there is four people I just came out of the hospital which I had a tumor a multiple cists I could die any day now I have a 16 year old boy who breaks things that I cant efford to fix just beacause he dose not understand or dose not get his way plus he has optism I have a little one who is in mesiry because when my oldest son gets out he has no place to go and I don’t even have a bedroom for me I have twins who don’t like each other one has so many problems that I cant even describe she might not even see her adult hood all I want is a house where my children will feel safe in because of what happen in the foster care and where my oldest son when he gets out he will make my youngest daughter feel happy and not depress all the time that is why :[

  11. Hi. My name is Pam Crosby and I live in Groton NH with my beautiful family. I volunteered at both of the previous NH builds of EMHE. Wow what a feeling! I don’t have much and I am not able to help others by donating money, but I definitely like to volunteer my time. I am so proud on my oldest daughter Chrissy. She has helped me teach 2nd Grade religious education at Holy Trinity Bristol campus.I am trying to show by example how important it is in this life to give back to others that’s why I volunteer as much as I can. My children help me volunteer when they are allowed to. Extreme
    Makeover Home Edition likes their families to be giving back to the communities. Before we adopted our 3 jewels from China I was the deputy clerk/ tax collector for the Town of Groton, Treasure of the town at one point, Trustee of the Trust Funds at one point, and for many years was a volunteer treasurer for the Groton Public Library. As trustee Pam help to start a Saturday morning program for the children in town to come and listen to stories, get some exercise and join together in sharing a small snack.Eventually the older children, who were in the first Saturday reading group, began to
    read to the younger children. That moment brought joy to her heart.Pam also helped plan and put on two parties every year at Halloween and at Christmas. Santa even joined the party. Since adopting Pam stopped volunteering in town until she and her husband could work through some issues with their adopted children. Now that the children are a bit older Pam and Tim both got involved in their local church, Holy Trinity in Bristol. Tim has
    become a Catholic and Pam has been teaching 2nd grade in their religious education program for the last 8 years.
    Two of the Crosby children recently volunteered for the Ironhorse Triathlon around Newfound Lake on June 4th -5th 2011. I am so proud of them for helping out in our area communities. Pam also was involved for the past 3 years in the Easter Seals Walk With Me walk to raise money for children and adults with disabilities and special needs. Two years ago Pam and her children walked as a team and raised over $200 for Easter Seals. Last year
    and this year because of the poor economy she did not want to burden people with donating money so she and her son Nick volunteered to be one of the route guides the day of the event. Last year the walk was on June 9th at Veterans Park on Elm Street, downtown Manchester NH. The walk was an evening walk.
    In December 2008 Pam volunteered to help Stay Warm NH started by Governor Lynch to help those lower income and disabled with winter winterization of their homes.I worked with a wonderful couple to winterize 3 homes in Canaan NH.It felt so good to be helping my NH neighbors when they were in need.They were all so appreciative and thankful for all our efforts.What a feeling it gave me to help out! It touched my HEART and it is something I will never forget. The Governor even put on an Appreciation event in Concord early in 2009 to recognize and thank all of the good people of NH who participated in this project. I know how gratifying it is for the designers of your show!There is no better a feeling then to help someone in their time of need. Volunteering is something I always plan to do and will be a part of my life now and in the future.
    Because Tim is disabled our home has fallen in disrepair. Our floors downstairs are falling in. We have black mold behind our water pump in the downstairs kitchen, and the water pump downstairs is falling through the floor. In the downstairs bathroom the toilet does not line up properly due
    to the floor falling in and it leaks. It smells of waste on the floor and no matter how much I clean it I can’t get the smell out.
    My son and husband were the only ones home. My son flushed the upstairs toilet and then left the room. It proceeded to overflow. He went back downstairs and fell asleep on the couch.When my husband Tim tried to turn on the light in the pantry/laundry room the light would not go on and he felt water drip on his head. Because of his disability he was not able to go upstairs.Three hours later I came home to a mess.Stinky sewer water leaked down through the pantry/laundry room light.I turned off the water shutoff in the upstairs bathroom.Stinky water was everywhere in the bathroom.All
    the upstairs tiles are no good. There is black mold under the tiles and I keep trying to treat it when I see it so everyone doesn’t get sick.We had to temporarily buy a heavy duty extension cord and heavy duty spliter so we can still do laundry and have a light for the downstairs bathroom. I was using battery operated push lights in the pantry/laundry room so I could keep up with the laundry. The wiring finally dried out and the lights returned. The biggest problem in the home as of late is the rats. We have a rat problem. They have chewed a huge hole in the downstairs living room that we
    have foamed shut, but you can constantly hear them in the walls and they recently tried to enter the unused washing machine pipes upstairs. I quickly took a metal coffee can and ducked taped it on so they could not get in there. The upstairs bathroom we can no
    longer use the sink. It is clogged.I put my finger down a bit to see if I could figure out why is it clogged and I felt fur.I think a rat is lodged in the pipe.I have tried using drain cleaner but nothing has helped. The upstairs toilet is broken and it will not shut off. With the rat situation my most worrisome thing is one of the children or animals will be bitten by one. My son saw one running in the living room the other day.I also worry the rats will chew through some wires and cause a fire while we are sleeping. We have smelt something burning before but could not find were it was coming from. We have sewer flies coming up from all the pipes and fallen in floor downstairs. It is so bad downstairs that we have to keep all our food covered and eat cafeteria style. All of our adopted children are teenagers now and it is so very important for us to eat as a family but now we cannot.
    Our sliding glass door downstairs only has one pane of glass in it and it frosts up on the inside in the winter and lets in tons of cold air. The outside light downstairs no longer works. Our bulkhead door is rotting out and now has a gaping hole in it.
    I can go on and on with problems the home has. We are not complaining because we know how fortunate we are to have shelter and a roof over our heads we so many people are losing their homes. My husband has many disabilities and will eventually be in a wheelchair. He has Spina Bifida, high blood pressure, mitro valve prolapse, hydrocephalus, Chairi Malformation, diabetes, tachycardia, among just a few. Two winters ago he tore his rotator cuff and that still needs to be operated on. Our home in Groton NH is not handicapped accessible for him. He is supposed to be using his walker all of the time but it just will not fit in the downstairs where he is confined.He also needs leg braces to help him with his walking.
    My adopted son from China was a special needs child and he still needs surgeries to repair problems with his ears and palette. He is also having trouble with his bladder. My middle daughter also has the same problem. When they were in the orphanage they were tied in the potty seats for extended periods and now they have permanent nerve damage. This is common in the Chinese orphanages because of limited care givers they have for the
    My middle daughter also from China has been diagnosed with ADD and is struggling in school. She is now on medications that are helping with focusing in school. All of our children from China were malnourished as a babies, and all their teeth are really bad. They need dental a lot of dental work above what our dental insurance will cover.All three of the children are going to need braces and I don’t know where the money is going to come from to get their teeth fixed.
    We have one more problem in our home. Our family has gone through so much but through it all we have become closer.God made a way when there was none.The demonic influence and attack on our family almost destroyed our family but the Supernatural Response Team headed by Richard Grund saved our family! In July 2010 they cast out the demons in the home and taught us how to prevent them from returning. Someday I would like
    to personally thank them for saving our family and bring the LIGHT of God into our home again!I truly believe God sent them to us to save us from the evil.I praise God every day for saving our family, and for the daily blessings He bestows on us.
    My brother Allen M Perkins III who is on disability because of his back and knee is almost homeless in NC. The Crosby Family plans to take him in so he will not be homeless. Right now he is in Raleigh Durham NC.
    The Crosby Family used their government stimulus check to apply for the Children’s US Citizenship. I am proud to announce that as of 7/17/2008 my children are official US Citizens! Our local church, Holy Trinity, also helped us financially to make it happen.
    I have mailed in 3 separate applications and videos to apply for a makeover. I no longer have a video camera so I cannot submit video with this application. Do you have to send in a formal application every season, or do the email nominations count as applying to the show? I initially applied eight years ago in 2005, then again in 2006 and in 2008.
    Here is our contact information:
    • Timothy Mark Crosby Age 56
    • Disabled and no longer working.
    • Pamela Marie Perkins Crosby Age 56
    • Only working member of the family.
    • Christina Faith Guo Ting Crosby Age 17
    • Born: 6/15/1996 Age at Adoption: 13 months
    • Hepu Guangxi in the Zhuang Autonomous Region, China
    • Mothers Love Orphanage, Nanning, 6 months and then into Foster
    Care for 7 months before we adopted her.
    • Catherine Elaine Lin LiMi Crosby Age 15
    • Born: 7/20/1998 Age at Adoption: 17 months
    • Hanchuan Hubei Province China
    • Hanchuan Welfare Institute for the whole 17 months. She was
    bused to Wuhan where we adopted her. We never saw her
    orphanage and someday would like to go there.
    • Nicholas Isaac Xu LiZhi Crosby Age 14
    • Born: 5/21/1999.Age at Adoption: 3 ½ years old
    • Nanjing City Jiangsu Province China
    • He was a special needs little boy born with Cleft Lip and Palette.
    Now he wears hearing aids in both ears because of 1 grafted ear drum and 1 perforated
    ear drums.
    • Nanjing Children’s Social Welfare Institute for the whole 3 ½
    years. We adopted him in Nanjing City and were lucky enough to be
    able to visit his orphanage.
    If you need any other information on the Crosby Family or our situation please contact me. I have already submitted applications, photos and video in previous years. Here is my contact information:

    • Home #: (978)732-6391 this is a magic jack number and the quality of the call is not that good.
    • Work #: (603)535-2666- Plymouth State University, ITS – Business Services
    • Cell #: (603)254-6363

    God Bless.
    Pam Crosby :0)

    My co-worker, Colleen Kenny at Plymouth State University states:
    I have known the Crosby’s for quite a few years now. This family could really use some help with their home. They have 3 adopted Chinese children, 2 with medical issues.Tim Crosby, the father/husband, has serious medical issues as you have read in Pam Crosby’s mother/wife’s submission. Tim’s condition will deteriorate as he gets older. The fact that this home has so many problems between holes in the walls leading to the outside, pipes
    that leak, non-working wiring, mold, insects, and all the horrors that so many of us don’t even understand. The most heart wrenching situation for me to hear is how dad can’t spend quality time with his children because he is confined to the basement which is the only area he
    can maneuver with his tripod cane. Pam is the only income provider and Tim does receive Medicare but this family struggles more than most. Pam works tirelessly and has such a positive attitude and never complains about the struggles she endures. She is the rock of this family and you have to wonder how long she can maintain at this level. Her husband suffers from depression regularly causing Pam to have to run home to make sure he’s alright, to make sure he got out of bed, to make sure he eats.She puts her family before her at every turn never thinking of her. Her children are very lucky
    to find such a devoted mother. She volunteers for this Extreme Makeover program whenever it is close enough because she is that kind of person – always giving. She teaches Religious Education to children on the weekends during the school year, she volunteers for all school fundraiser and events for all her 3 adopted Chinese children. If this family could be provided a safe and healthy home where the entire family could spend time together they would be forever grateful. While Pam is busy doing things for everyone else, it would be awesome for someone to do something for Pam. Once
    meeting with her and you will see that this is a very caring person who loves her family and who just wants to live in a healthy home.

  12. All my life all I ever wanted was a place to call “home” ….I have spent my entire life saving and changing lives. I currently am the president of a non-profit 501c3 organization rescuing dogs and puppies off of deathrow and saving horses that are deemed dangerous , abused and/or neglected. I want to start my teen outreach program up again as I once ran a wonderful teen program that helped change and even save some mis-understood kids. I have closed on a house along my fiancee’s family farm that they donate the use to my organization. Clayton has become an incredible partner in my life who devoted his whole life in helping raise a family of 9 siblings and almost lost everything after his brother commited suicide and his father and grandfather all passing within a 3 month period. I stepped into his world when he was completely lost and broken and showed him a world aside from horse racing. The dying sport of what he had been groomed his whole life for. Circumstances landed me living with him and my two daughters. One 14 and one 7 also living here in a loft apartment attacked to a barn! My oldest daughter who’s father is astranged has longed for a place to call home. With her family almost completed our neighbor has sold us a house along side our farm that he raised his family in. losing his wife in a tragic accident after trying to save their son who couldn’t breath ….she lost her life diving after their sinking car in a pond to fish out his breathing machine. She never came back up. When he heard the story of Ashley and her life long dream of just having a “home” to call “ours” …and knowing the tragedy of clayton losing his brother , his father and his grandfather and then losing half the farm along with his family home he offered his house to us at only $5,000. A 3 bedroom concrete block home on a double lot that lines up with the candow families 30 acre ranch we now operate the rescue off of. But the house needs gutted. Sean, the previous owner after his wife’s passing rented the house out to a family member who in 4yrs completely destroyed his late wife’s home. He had built it from the ground up and was heartbroken to see his once beautiful home now destroyed from the floor up. Neighborhood kids knocked the windows out and all. The clean up has been herendous. My daughter and her friends jumped in with masks and gloves and went to work and hasn’t stopped. With all this said and all the charity I’ve done this year in saving lives I have been left with no financial foundation to restore this place we want to call “home” . I spend everyday of my life paying it forward….I just want to give my daughter the home of her dreams and a place to build our family and a home Clayton can be proud of. Can you help us? my facebook is StartingOver Ranch (melissa yost) ….I have 2,400 followers right now. my phone number is (407) 947-0896 . Thankyou and god bless! Melissa here @ Starting over

  13. Hi my name is Edna and im living with my parents my mom and dad are 68 yrs old the house they live in is in really bad shape the floors are falling in. The 2 bedroom in the back is actually sitting on the ground the walls are pulling away from the celling there is a lot of moisture in the in this house that’s in the bed room they had worked all there life but they just cant afford to fix it up they they really need the help with it they have never had much in there life I just want them happy the next few yrs they worry about the house falling in at times my dad just cant do it he has a bad heart and he had cancer his heart makes it real weak and they cant afford any one to help him so I hope you can help us here. Thank you Mrs.Robersion

  14. My daughter died June 22, 2005. I am raising my 5 grandchildren, the house is in a bad shape, I really need help. my husband died November 5, 2008. because of his health he could not get mortgage insurance on the house, so I am still paying the mortgage payment. I go to dialysis 3 times a week, the house is very unhealthy, for the children 3 of them have unstable asthma, the 14 years old have seizures, and one have cerebral posy.the kitchen and badk bath room has molds and mildews, the pipe under kitchen sink don’t connect completely under the house. so a lot of the water goes under the house. you can smell the stink, also the bathroom right next to kitchen we had to close it down, because the pipe is broken and the waste and urine was stinking so bad you could smell it outside the house. the heating and cooling unite is broken, so we have to heat the house with kerosene heater and small electric heaters. the doctor said, “because of the children having asthma I could only turn it on for a short time. one of the bedrooms the side wall have rotted and the rain come in and wet the floor. please help us. there is lot more wrong. thanks, Mrs. Crudup

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